Today’s picture, sent from Berlin where my daughter Annie is working at the Film Festival, shows the famous Brandenburg Gate just before dawn.

Brandenburg Gate

After yesterday’s glorious sunshine, we reverted to more normal winter weather today with a cold, grey day but one which was mercifully free from much wind so not unpleasant to be out and about in.

Though I can’t say that this brambling looked very cheerful

The morning was spent in conversation with Mrs Tootlepedal and my sister Susan with a fleeting moment here and there given over to glancing out of the window.

another mixed bag
Another mixed bag on the feeder.

I have replaced the fortress on the fat balls to encourage the smaller birds to feel safe when they are feeding on them but a starling found it easy enough to get a piece of the action while the feeder was still full.


After lunch Mrs Tootlepedal and Susan went off to a meeting of the Embroiderers’ Guild and I took myself off for a short walk.  It wasn’t a good day for photography with the surrounding hills shrouded in mist…


..and the branches dripping with moisture…


…but that didn’t stop me clicking away as I walked round.   I more or less left nature to look after itself today and concentrated on what is grandly called the built environment (or tin shacks as we call them).

tin shack 1

tin shack

tin shack

(I may have tinkered with these in the photo editor a bit as I need a some practice.)

Other objects could be seen.

car top
A slightly disturbing image which might lead you to think of a car being buried alive.


stable doors
A nice pair of doors

A single splash of natural colour was provided by the first cherry blossoms of the year that I have noticed.

cherry blossom

I turned to walk along the bank of the Esk and admired this network of ivy stems almost overwhelming a tree trunk.


As I came along the Castleholm sports fields, a game of football (soccer) started.  Both teams were sponsored by licensed premises which may well tell us something about the ethos of this grade of football.


It was a hotly contested game…

foul play

…with the odd stylish moment…

goal kick

…and a large and enthusiastic crowd.


I am not cut to be a football photographer as I don’t have a big enough lens or anything like enough patience so I soon passed on my way and enjoyed the comparative excitement of some striking moss on a branch.

mossy branch

The preparatory work on the new primary school is proceeding and there are now two machines working in tandem.

Artistic parking

When I got home, the Scotland rugby international against Italy had already started and I sat down to watch the rest of the game.  I was pleased and very surprised when Scotland ran out easy winners.  They have suffered from the rub of the green so much in recent years that when things fell for them as they did today, it felt a bit unnatural.   Still, I wasn’t complaining.

In the evening, we went out for a meal at the football sponsoring Douglas Hotel and had a large and excellent meal which all three of us thoroughly enjoyed.  We then retired home for some judicious groaning on the couch.

A passing gull is the flying bird of the day.



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13 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  1. Sorry, no cherries. The flowering bush is of the Viburnum family. Anyway – a very welcome splash of colour at this time of the year. And the blue shack is remarkable, even if it makes for sore eyes.

  2. I had a splendid day, thank you very much, the meal was as good as you said and the ice cream was up with the best that I have ever eaten!

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