A little bit extra

Today’s picture from my brother Andrew shows an impressive glacier at the Homer Tunnel in New Zealand’s South Island which he visited a couple of weeks ago.. Although we had to get up an hour earlier because of the clock change, it was brilliantly sunny so we noticed no difference in the light.  The birdsContinue reading “A little bit extra”

Wild and woolly (and playing with trains)

Today’s picture is a cheery blackbird that was serenading me as I walked round the garden this morning. As you can see, the sun was very much in evidence today, although a few flakes of snow did fall on me while I was pedalling.  It was still very chilly (2°C) but the fact that theContinue reading “Wild and woolly (and playing with trains)”

Constructive resting

My sister Susan returned to the UK from NZ this morning but here is a recent picture of her admiring Lake Te Anau to prove that she was there.  It was taken by my brother. She has been banned from mentioning what the weather was like while she was in NZ.  At least we hadContinue reading “Constructive resting”


Today’s picture shows that very rare thing, a patch of blue sky over our garden. Not only did we get some (not much) blue sky today but we didn’t get any snow either so the day was counted for me as a definite improvement on recent efforts.  Dropscone, who went round the morning run inContinue reading “Overtaken”

A flurry of activity or The Trail of the Lonesome pine

Today’s picture shows the famous clipper Cutty Sark perched rather uncomfortably on top of a new visitor centre at Greenwich.  It was seen by my sister Mary who took advantage of a little sunshine to take a boat trip down the Thames today. We too had a little sunshine but we had to look veryContinue reading “A flurry of activity or The Trail of the Lonesome pine”

A glimmer of light

Today’s picture, kindly sent to me by Keith (Tuckamoredew) from Canada, shows that they have trees amply covered in fungus there too. We had more of the cold, windy, grey weather that has been our normal fare for some time now.  When I got up, the walnut tree was full of jackdaws adding to theContinue reading “A glimmer of light”

Extremely chilly

Today’s picture, sent by my sister Mary from her morning walk, shows a couple of ducks resting in a puddle.  They have had more rain in London than we have had here. We had another day without rain but to make up for that,  a very light snow was falling when we woke.  So lightContinue reading “Extremely chilly”

A little learning

Today’s picture shows my old place of work standing above the building site which is going to provide a replacement.  I bet the new building doesn’t last as long as the old one. It was another cold, cold morning with a bitter east wind of considerable strength and I sensibly decided to forgo any thoughtContinue reading “A little learning”

In hot water

A little glimpse of Maisie today helping her dad get ready for a visit from our friends Mike and Alison,  her grandparents,  who are visiting her. A much needed splash of colour on another grey day here.  Or rather, a white day as a sprinkling of snow had settled overnight.   All around us the newsContinue reading “In hot water”

Just like the old days

Today’s picture shows the sort of weather that you don’t really want when your central heating is dead.  It was what we got. And the wind was gusting up to 40mph from the east.  Naturally I didn’t think of cycling in these conditions so I was very surprised (and impressed) when Dropscone turned up onContinue reading “Just like the old days”