Dull day

Today’s picture  taken in one of California’s State Parks by Gavin’s son Fraser, shows the depredations of a red woodpecker on an innocent tree.

red woodpecker damage

Our glorious spell of sunshine came to an end today but the rain still held off which made it a good day for cycling.  Unfortunately, one of our B&B guests had become ill and as Mrs Tootlepedal had to go off to sing in the church choir, I had to remain at home in case of emergencies.

Luckily none occurred.

When Mrs Tootlepedal returned, I went up to the Archive Centre to see if I could work out what was using a lot of processor time on the laptop there when nothing should have been happening.   I had some success but there are things going on in the bowels of that computer which I do not understand.  I can feel a major clean up coming on which is always a time consuming business.

By the time that I got home, it was time for lunch (haggis from yesterday’s market, yum yum) and it wasn’t until two o’clock that I was able to get the bike out at last.

Somehow though, I had found a little time to stare out of the window during the morning.

The bramblings have made the space under the feeder their own.
An unusual shot of a robin.
chaffinches and siskins
Quite a few siskins have turned up lately.  They are very tough and hold their own at the feeder.


siskin and chaffinch
Here one hangs on under assault from a much larger chaffinch


My bike ride was as dull as the day, consisting as it did of a 16 mile out and back down the main road south from Langholm.  The good thing about the ride is that there are not many potholes to look out for and the absence of any steep hills after the second mile lets me get into a steady pedalling mode which suits my asthma better than more undulating courses.  There is something very satisfying about putting your head down and pedalling steadily even if it is scenically not the most attractive trip.

I stopped to eat a date or two at the Robin Hood inn at Smithfield…

Robin Hood Inn
I don’t know why there is a cockerel on the inn sign

…before turning for home.  If there was any wind, it was extremely light and I did the out and back legs in the same time to a minute.  I think my saddle may be a bit low as my knees are hurting a bit more than they should be after such an undemanding ride.   Mind you, it was easily the quickest that I have pedalled this year so that might have had something to do with it too.

I took a quick turn round the garden when I got back and noticed a frog…

Looking for love…but not finding it today.

…and another sign of spring.

A green shoot on the elder.

And that was my day, as dull as the weather but not totally unsatisfactory.

A beady eyed chaffinch is flying bird of the day.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

11 thoughts on “Dull day

    1. It’s the woodpecker equivalent of hen pecked. The woodpeckers attack the poles that have feeders on them at our Moorland feeding station but not so neatly as that one.

  1. Unusual inn sign. Glad to see another sign of spring. And another splendid frog picture.

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