Today’s picture shows Sheffield by night and was sent to me by Bruce who is awaiting the arrival of an imminent grandchild there.


After a miserable day seeking solutions to the unwillingness of my internet connection to behave and getting nowhere even with the helpful advice of my internet provider (they answer the phone within moments) and my computer literate younger son, I had completely given up hope of being able to post tonight when out of the blue, it started to work.

This gives me the opportunity to thank everyone who commented on the 1000th post and all those who took the trouble to click on the snowdrop  (33 people in all).  It is very pleasing to think that some people take the trouble to read all the words as well as look at the pictures.   In addition, I would like to thank all those of you who produce entertaining blogs for me to read.  I have entered a whole new world in the last three years.  Special thanks go to my sisters Susan and Mary for their indefatigable commenting over this time and to my daughter Annie who got me started in the first place.

I didn’t take many pictures over the last two days because it has been very cold, grey and intermittently snowing and raining so the lack of being able to upload them wasn’t as painful as it might have been.  I did take a few though and here is a chaffinch from yesterday looking well fluffed up against the chill.


And here is a hedge sparrow wondering what the fuss upstairs is all about.


It was still very disappointing not to be able to post about yesterday as it was a good day.  I spent the morning pedalling into a savagely cold east wind with Dropscone. He kindly let me choose the route and I chose to skulk up and down the relatively sheltered road to Wauchope School three times. It may be scenically dull but it did give us a regular break from pedalling into the wind. The scones afterwards were never more welcome.

This got the day off to a good pedalling start and the afternoon brought a splendid tootling opportunity as I went off to play flute and recorder with my cello and piano playing friends Mike and Isabel.  I had transcribed a Boismortier piece for two recorders and piano so that we could play on flute and cello and it went surprisingly well.  To add to the fun, we had a vigorous and enjoyable political discussion after we had stopped playing.  Tootling, pedalling and a political debate, who could ask for anything more?

I could.

I wanted entertainment so I spent the evening at the Buccleuch Centre watching the LAODS production of The Sound of Music starring Mrs Tootlepedal as the fifth nun from the left.  Amateur musicals are always a bit of a gamble from a spectator’s point of view but this one was a winner.

The girl playing Maria was absolutely wonderful and brought a smile to my lips and a tear to my eye as she sung the songs that I have known and loved for 50 years.  The rest of the adult cast was  more than competent and the show was never dull to watch.  The high spot of the evening though were the young people playing the von Trapp children.  They were outstanding –  singing, dancing and saying their lines without a moment’s hesitation and with equal measures of verve and charm.  A professional company would have been pleased to have had them in their cast.  They are a tribute to the musical director and the people who have been putting on youth theatre shows in the town over recent years.

Mrs Tootlepedal was very good too.

So that was a very good day in every way…..until I found the the internet was wonky and I couldn’t put it into my on-line diary.  I fear that I may have reached the stage where if it isn’t in the blog, it didn’t happen.


The brambling acts as visual punctuation for now we are on to today.

The morning, as I have said, was one to forget as there are few things that I find more upsetting than computer related malfunctions where a) you don’t know what is wrong and b) you don’t know what to do about it.  It engenders a feeling of rage and helplessness combined leading to a very depressed Tootlepedal.  However, as is so often the case with computers, the trouble in the end disappeared as mysteriously as it had arrived.  A fault on the line perhaps? My expert internet provider muttered something about possible contention.  I hope that makes it clear.

The day was not a total write off by any means as I was able to brave the chill and do a triple Wauchope Schoolhouse at a good speed in the afternoon, mainly to work off my bad computer feelings, and in the evening,  I went to Carlisle with Susan and we played some very nice five part music with our recorder group.  Another day with a pedal and a tootle.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has commented over the years and all those who goodly clicked on the picture.  I hope that I can continue to find interesting things to photograph and do in the lovely sunny weather which must surely arrive sometime soon.

I even managed to find a flying bird in the gloom.

flying chaffinch


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22 thoughts on “Hooray!

  1. On two successive Wednesday evenings recently my connection dropped out and even my ISP couldn’t fix it. Both times I woke up the next morning and it was fine.The worst part is the lack of explanation why.

  2. Delighted to have you back! Remember when it was handy to know a mechanic? now its a computer wizz Stay fit we need you!

  3. So glad that it worked in the end, where’s the logic in what happened I would like to know!

    I am only too pleased to read your blog even when on holiday as it keeps me in touch with events in Langholm and gives me the opportunity to look at some excellent pictures

  4. Very pleased to find your internet connection is working again! I loved the fluffy chaffinch and the very smart brambling. So glad to hear that the Sound of Music was so good. Congratulations to Mrs Tootlepedal for all that she has contributed towards the successful production.

  5. Dropping out of internet connection is something we deal with a lot in our village. We all know it’s the exchange that’s at fault because the numerous Broadband engineers have told us so but as it costs all the providers money to actually get this checked out (because the exchange department of BT has its’ own business persona and engineers etc and even BT, never mind the rest of ’em, can’t access it for free – mad I know), it becomes a bit of a treadmill to try and sort the problem out.

    This is especially true when dealing with the call centre which seems to employ people with a minimum grasp of our language and they want to go through each and every step of the check procedure even though this is the 6th time in as many months we called them, with exactly the same fault (that would be none at all or snail pace internet connection). They don’t take kindly to a firm voiced female telling them to skip steps 1 -5 and proceed directly to 6 because the fault is the exchange!!!

    Glad you got your connection back. Lovely pictures as usual 🙂

    1. I pay over a bit the odds for my provider just so I can get to talk to someone promptly when things go wrong. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed I can also say that they have been very reliable over the many years that I have been with them.

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