In hot water

A little glimpse of Maisie today helping her dad get ready for a visit from our friends Mike and Alison,  her grandparents,  who are visiting her.

maisie helping dad

A much needed splash of colour on another grey day here.  Or rather, a white day as a sprinkling of snow had settled overnight.   All around us the news is full of stories of cars buried up to their roofs in snowdrifts, electricity cables down and damaging winds so we have got off very lightly.  The birds were certainly undeterred.

busy feeder

In what I think is a rather rude manner, you can see a siskin and a brambling, who are both winter visitors, shouting at one of the chaffinches that live here all year round in the picture above.  I shall have to put a sign up asking for more polite behaviour.

brambling standing on chaffinch
Here’s another example.  The brambling is pretending that it hasn’t noticed who it’s treading on but we know it knows.

Mt mother-in-law asked recently if any of our birds were ringed and the brambling above is an example of one of the few that are.

I had a lot of opportunity to stare out of the window as we were waiting in all morning for another gasman to arrive but instead I spent most of it huddled up in front of the gas fire.   My old bones feel the cold a lot more than they used to.  I did have an occasional look though.


The robins are amazingly adaptable in body shape. One minute they can look sleek and slender and the next they are puffed up into a little ball of cuteness.


The dunnocks on the other hand always keep a low profile and always look the same.  The cold spell has brought them to the ground under the feeders much more this year than usual.

In the end, the gasman arrived in the afternoon and fixed the heating by simply turning on the couple of valves that his colleague had turned off and left shut on Friday.  We are now in hot water and the first engineer may be too.

Mrs Tootlepedal went out to have lunch with the other nuns from the show and then went out again in the evening to do her duty for the last performance of the week.  She won’t know what to do with herself when all the cheering and the excitement is over.   It has been a busy time for her over the last month as she made quite a lot of costumes as well as rehearsing.   Still, the show was very good and it has been pretty well sold out every night so it has all been worthwhile.

I had a wander out into the garden to see if the wind had dropped enough to consider a quick pedal but it was still blowing far too strongly to make cycling any fun so I took a couple of pictures and went back inside.

I should be mowing the lawn by this time not making footprints on it.
Early daffs
A few rather straggly early daffs are a rare spot of colour

Here’s the same view from March last year.

last year daffs march

Ah well, the snowdrops are enjoying themselves…


…even if the crocuses are not opening out at all.

crocuses in snow

Just about the prettiest things in the garden were the melted snow crystals on the lawn in the late afternoon.

snow crystals

We are promised a brief glimpse of the sun tomorrow, although the temperature will stay just above zero so I may get out to take a picture or two.  The clocks go forward next weekend and that will help to brighten our days a bit as well.

The flying bird of the day is a regulation chaffinch.





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12 thoughts on “In hot water

  1. I feel for you as far as the nasty weather this spring, it is much the same here. I’ll try not to jinx your sunny day tomorrow, but here’s our local meteorologist explaining why we didn’t get the sunshine today as he predicted last night, “Persistent stratus clouds were reluctant to break up today in most areas. A few more holes in the cloud cover will develop this evening with more clouds expected to move in later tonight.”

    I hope your day tomorrow is better!

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. We are getting a steady flow of cold air from the east. At least this means that we are in the shadow of the hills and as a result we have had much less rain than would be usual in spring.

  2. It seems that the whole northern hemisphere is stuck in winter. I haven’t read a blog north of the equator that has seen real spring. For us in New Hampshire though, as much as we may complain, this has been a relatively average winter with a slightly more than average snowfall.

  3. What a striking difference between last year’s garden and this one. By the way thanks for the perching birds, I forgot to comment yesterday. Glad you are warm again.

  4. Lovely picture of the robin, and I enjoyed the comparison of the garden path with this time last year. Your snowdrops seem to be thriving, aptly named. Very glad Mrs Tootlepedal’s show has been such a success, and also that your central heating is functioning again.

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