On the right track

Today’s picture shows one of the pygmy goats that graze outside the windows of our cottage. We certainly didn’t let the grass grow under our feet today.  We got up and had breakfast, put our bikes in the car, made a packed lunch,  researched our chosen route on the internet, found the right maps,  wentContinue reading “On the right track”

I do like to be beside the seaside

Today’s picture was sent to me by Langholm exile Fiona and shows her Newcastle community choir helping a proposal of marriage on its way.  The proposal was accepted. Down here, in the deep south, we had a welcome sunny day, although it was by no means warm.  Still, it seemed like a good day toContinue reading “I do like to be beside the seaside”

Flat out

Today’s picture is another of the irritating bird that sits in the field outside our holiday cottage window each morning, just out of decent camera range. The morning was cold and grey but there was no hint of rain so after a lengthy breakfast, we packed the bikes in the car and set off toContinue reading “Flat out”

Gross over exposure

Today’s picture shows Owen, Mrs Tootlepedal’s great nephew, really enjoying a trip to the barber. Being on holiday and the weather being bright but cold, we thought that the day was made for having fun somewhere organised and with the possibility of getting out of the chilly wind from time to time.  Longleat seemed toContinue reading “Gross over exposure”

Arrived safely

Today’s picture, taken by Dropscone in our absence,  shows the results of a sharp hailstorm in Langholm.  This would be more satisfactory to us 300  miles to the south if we hadn’t been peppered by hailstones ourselves today.  Still it wasn’t as bad as it obviously was in Langholm. We’ve had two busy days ofContinue reading “Arrived safely”


Today’s picture shows one of the many daffodils which are supplying most of the colour in the garden at the moment. The early morning weather was not at all attractive to cyclists unless they were ones who were particularly fond of wind and rain.  As that number did not include me, I stayed at homeContinue reading “Disappointment”

A pedal, a waddle and a tootle

Today’s picture shows Alistair’s eagle in  a less threatening posture.  It does show how clever the jointing is on the model. The weather turned out to be very nice today in spite of a not very promising forecast and in the absence of Dropscone on golfing business, I got myself up and organised and pedalledContinue reading “A pedal, a waddle and a tootle”

Dancing beak to beak

Today’s picture shows a nice pot of violas which were given to Mrs Tootlepedal as a gesture of gratitude for her work on the costumes for the recent musical.  They have proved a lasting gift. The day of rest must have done me some good because when Dropscone appeared, I was not only up butContinue reading “Dancing beak to beak”

How to do nothing

Today’s picture is another from my younger son (he is quite a bit older than 12)’s LEGO set.  The beaver has been magically transformed into an eagle swooping from a stormy sky.  He is knocked out by the creative and engineering skills of the makers. We had some grey skies of our own this morningContinue reading “How to do nothing”

Cat always rings twice

Today’s picture comes from my younger son.  He knows that I like wildlife and has kindly sent me a picture of a beaver.  I think that he should perhaps get out a bit more.  He tells me that he can also make an eagle.  I wait for a shot of that with impatience. We wereContinue reading “Cat always rings twice”