Literally staying at home

Today’s picture shows a wild eyed jackdaw enjoying a fat ball feast.


After our wet welcome home yesterday, the weather relented and we had a largely sunny day today.  However, the strong wind kept things feeling pretty cool and when we looked at the garden, there had not been as much new developments while we were away as we had hoped.

I started the day by popping along to our monthly producers’ market but the bank holiday weekend must have persuaded some of our usual stallholders that there more profitable places to be and there was not as good as selection of stuff to buy as there usually is.  Still, I managed to get one or two tasty looking things.  Mrs Tootlepedal was not feeling as well as she would have liked and had restored to bed again when I got back so I went off and mowed the drying green and greenhouse grass with the hover mower.  At least the grass has started to grow.

I had made plans in my head to use the sunny day to go for a decent length cycle ride and I drove down to Longtown to collect my speedy bike from its post winter service.  I was going to put it to good use when I got home but my knees were feeling the effect of a long day’s drive yesterday and that, combined with the strength of the wind made it easy for me to forget that I had any such plans and I mowed the middle lawn instead. It is mossy in parts but there was plenty of grass to cut.

middle lawn

As you can see, Mrs Tootlepedal’s daffodils are still blooming merrily, long after they should be gone.  This is lucky in a way because the tulips which should be in full bloom are not doing their stuff yet.

daffs and tulips

They are looking quite healthy though and if we can get a little warmth going, they should come out well.  There is a glimpse of an aubretia in the picture above and although we can’t match the plants we saw in Somerset cascading over walls, we still have some very brilliant colour to show.


The birds do not seem to have missed me at all.  Obviously Liz had been looking after them well because they were soon in action.

The perching trees are just beginning to get some leaves and a siskin matched the variegated elder quite well.


And a chaffinch blended in with the barer plum tree too.


There a several redpolls about, the males looking very colourful.

Birds approached the feeder stacked vertically…


…and horizontally

goldfinch and siskin

goldfinch and siskin
…and sometimes from both sides at once

Mrs Tootlepedal got up and although  not feeling 100%, she started to do some light work.

When we were driving up a new piece of dual carriageway yesterday after leaving Malmesbury, we were amazed to see the banking beside the road was completely covered for hundreds of yards in places with golden yellow cowslips.  I was pleased to see that Mrs Tootlepedal’s cowslips were also doing well alongside some primroses, although in a much more modest way.


I kept thinking that I might still go for a shorter cycle ride and I kept not going and as a result I mowed the front lawn too.  This has got so much moss on it after a couple of poor summers that I am almost at the stage of digging it up and starting again.

We were visited by our neighbour Mike who has just returned from visiting his granddaughter Maisie and her parents in New Zealand.  He and Alison seemed to have had almost as much fun on their holiday as we had on ours though they didn’t see any tigers.

Mrs Tootlepedal spent so much time while we were driving on holiday in looking at the inside of our car, that she set out to give it a good internal clean up.  She got distracted though part way through the job and ended up putting a paint reviver on the front of the car where after seven years, the original paint is looking a bit tired.  It looks very shiny now.

Although the tulips are not all out, there are some here and there in the garden doing their bit to add a bit of colour.



The daffodils are holding up remarkably well.


And other flowers are adding their bit to an ever growing colour scheme.

violet and hyacinth

And Mrs Tootlepedal is developing a white bed as well.

white flowers

By the end of the day, I had decided to go out at least five times and decided not to go out exactly the same number of times so a rather nice day was wasted a bit but I have been on holiday so I was tired.

There are two flying birds of the day today, the first a laid back chaffinch….


and the second, a siskin, who gets in because he is showing one of Dr Barlow’s (I presume) rings.


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26 thoughts on “Literally staying at home

  1. Your garden looks splendid, masses of colour and a beautifully mowed lawn. I am not surprised you were tired after all that driving. Hope Mrs Tootlepedal soon feels 100% again.

  2. Lovely flowers – Mrs. T’s beds inspire me to put in more bulbs in my own humble garden this year. Hope she’s feeling well soon – doesn’t seem possible for someone so industrious to be off colour!

  3. The gardens are looking stunning there. One thing I love about blogs, it gives us hope as we are preparing for winter, you know you can come here and see and almost experience, we will be there soon enough.

    1. I am glad to have brought a little colour into your sun starved life. I almost had to stop looking at your blog because it arouse the deadly sin of envy on many fronts.

      1. Oh no, why, what am I doing wrong?
        We still get sun in our winter, but it is just cold, though no where near as cold as where you are and we don’t get snow. But the cold mornings are hard. Looking forward to fog though, lots of ideas for that this year.

  4. Your garden is starting to look lovely in spite of your rain and cold. And I am very pleased not to see any naked gardeners about. Those others you saw have a lovely garden, but they are might quirky. 🙂

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