All hail

Today’s picture shows my daughter-in-law standing in front of the arrangements at a Highland wedding.  They had one teepee for dining, one for dancing and one for chilling out.  They left the wedding to head for the USA for a holiday. 


I hope that they got away in time as there was heavy snow in the north of Scotland today.  It was pretty chilly here too with the brisk north wind encouraging a stay at home mentality.  One person who did venture out was Ellie who came to see if there were any frogs in the pond today.

Under her grandfather’s thumb.

There were none as it was too cold for them to sit around on the surface so she will come back another day when it is warmer.

I did some intermittent snoozing in bed until nearly lunch time when some sunshine attracted me out into the garden.

Even when they are starting to go over, some tulips still look good.

I didn’t stay out long, preferring to look through the kitchen window at the breeze ruffling this goldfinch’s feathers.

goldfinch in a breeze

We have been visited by quite a few plump wood pigeons lately.  Looking at them, it is surprising that they can fly as fast as they do when  they seem to carry a lot of weight. 


After lunch, our neighbour Liz came across and as she left, we saw two cats lurking about under the feeder looking for birds to catch.  Liz fetched her terrier through and let him loose in the garden with very satisfactory results in the way of scattering cats.  Here is Riley trying to get at one that fled up the walnut tree.


I hope that this experience will have discouraged the cats for at least a day or two.

Riley disappeared for a while behind a berberis and I thought that the bush was worth a picture.


When Riley left, I walked on round the garden.

A pink tinge on our first white potentilla flower
Lady's mantle
Mrs Tootlepedal thinks that this is a relative of Lady’s Mantle
This is definitely a lamium doing well in spite of the chilly weather

A siskin sat quietly in the plum tree while I passed by.


As you can see from the pictures, it was a bright sunny day by this time and I went inside to get ready to go out for a little walk . Instantly the sun disappeared and I heard a crackling sound.


We were having a hailstorm.  It didn’t last long but the wind increased and intermittent rain fell so I put my walking gear aside and went to the computer to do a little work.  During the afternoon, I prepared and made a sourdough loaf with some of the starter that my friend Sue gave me.   This helped pass the time, as there are many stages to go through using the method that I do.

In a break in the weather, I walked up to the High Street to visit a new shop that has just opened.  The outside of the shop looked very attractive…

Blue Moon

…and inside a small workforce was busy making soap and skin cream.

Blue moon soapsters

I purchased some soap and skipped home before the rain started again.

I filled the feeder when I arrived and stood back to watch the action.

stacked birds
Plenty of demand
Any amount of siskin action

The bread was nicely risen so I put it into the oven while I cooked some mince for my tea.  Mrs Tootlepedal returned from an afternoon at work but before we had much time to exchange views on the state of the world, it was time for me to go to the Archive Centre with Jean and Sandy.  We got a good bit of work done (a week and a half of the newspaper  index went into the database and many documents were scanned) and went to the Douglas afterwards.  When we got in, there was a considerable argument going on about whether a darts match was or was not going to be played so we made and excuse and went up the road to the Eskdale instead.

(Sandy has some splendid squirrel pictures on his blog for those of you who like cute animals.)

We are promised one more day of strong winds and then I hope to get out on my bike again. 

The flying bird of the day is a siskin.






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16 thoughts on “All hail

  1. I can imagine that the argument over the dart match probably looked and sounded a good deal like the siskins at the feeder, but at least the birds have an excuse, they’re fighting over food.

  2. Splendid pictures of three birds in a row approaching the feeder. Sorry about the cold, windy weather, but good that you had some successful cooking.

  3. That is one fat pigeon! Round here I often wonder how the seagulls manage to fly, they seem to spend a lot of time hanging round the fast food outlets eating dropped chips and the like 🙂

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