In and out the dusty bluebells

My son and daughter-in-law have been getting about in the US and have sent me this teasing picture from the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  The leaves were made of glass by a pair of German glass workers from the turn of the previous century..

glass leaves

It was extremely windy here today and as I only have 27 miles to go before the end of the month to meet my interim target, I decided not to cycle in the gale but to put the day to good use in getting tasks off my to do list and onto to my (phew) have done list instead.   I managed to do three tasks (tickets, publicity photos and minutes of a meeting) regarding our forthcoming concert and that eased my mind a lot.  I still have two musical task to complete and then my conscience will be completely clear.

I wouldn’t like you to think that I am a slave toiling at a wheel.  I still had plenty of time to make and drink coffee, watch birds and wander round the garden, although I couldn’t find time for the crossword until late in the day.

Before I settled to my tasks, I received a phone call.  I had met Elaine at the concert on Sunday and she had told me that I just had to come and take a picture of something that amused her.  I told her to ring me when it was convenient for her to show me the thing and to be hones, I hadn’t expected to hear from her so it was a surprise when she said that now was the moment.  I got my camera and cycled up to meet her at the Thomas Hope Hospital.

She told me that she had been sitting in her car waiting for her husband to come out after having some treatment when she felt that someone was watching her.  She finally realised that it was a strange looking man with a moustache.  Here he is.

Thomas Hope man

An MI6 spy if I mistake me not  complete with a James Bond communication gizmo on his hat.  I was amused too.

As I used the opportunity of being near the cheese shop to buy a couple of tasty items, the journey proved well worth while.

During the morning, I had a couple of turns about the garden and found a red(-ish), white and blue display both times.

Rhodie, white bluebell and geranium
Rhododendron, white bluebell and geranium
Anemone, star of Bethlehem and cornflower
Anemone, star of Bethlehem and cornflower

I love the cornflowers but Mrs Tootlepedal regards them as ill mannered garden thugs.

I had completed my tasks by lunchtime and I was able to enjoy the excellent soup prepared by Mrs Tootlepedal in a peaceful state of mind.  I am eating very well at the moment thanks to Mrs Tootlepedal catering for her mother as well as for me.

After lunch, I shot a pair of warring siskins…

warring siskins

…and then I discharged another task which I had acquired during the morning.  Cat had  rung me up and asked if I could fill the bird feeders at the Moorland Feeding Station. This was no hardship at all and Mrs Tootlepedal and her mother came up with me and enjoyed a little bird watching from the comfort of the car while I sat behind the screen after I had filled the feeders.

We saw a woodpecker feeding as we arrived but it flew off.  Amazingly, it was back at the feeder only moments after I sat down behind the screen.  Usually it takes them about a quarter of an hour to return after being disturbed.  The woodpeckers gave me plenty to watch, one on a nut feeder…


….one on a tree….


…and one being very busy collecting seeds and ramming them into the big cracks which the woodpeckers have made in a bird table pole.

woodpecker with seeds

This was a very active bird indeed.

One minute dashing to the hanging seed feeder…
…and the next, pretending to be a chaffinch

There were lots of pheasants about too.

Collecting fallen seed below a feeder…
…and getting stuck in elsewhere.

The light was poor and the very strong north wind was rocking the screen and making keeping the camera with the big lens still a problem so that explains both the lack of quality in the pictures above and the relatively short time I spent sitting there.

On the way home, we made a diversion to show the Granny the bluebell wood. She was impressed as well she might be.


They were just about at their best and the lack of sunshine on this occasion made taking snaps a bit easier.

When we got back, I got the scarifier out and taking my courage in both hands, scarified the front lawn.  I was afraid that if I raked the moss out, there might be nothing left so I set the scarifier set to a fairly gentle scratch level and gave it a go.  In spite of removing six wheelbarrow loads of moss, the end result was surprisingly satisfactory.  After my gloomy thoughts of yesterday, I became remarkably cheerful about the lawn’s prospects.  I think that I will have another go with the scarifier next week.

In the evening, Mrs Tootlepedal and I left granny to watch the telly while we went off to a choir practice.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am even beginning to think that I might be able to learn to sing.   It helps a lot of course to be standing between two people who can sing well.

Today’s flying bird is a greenfinch.

flying greenfinch







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22 thoughts on “In and out the dusty bluebells

  1. Beautiful pictures as usual Tom but the one of the Lego man on top of the Hope hospital made me laugh out loud.

  2. Elaine certainly has a sharp eye for detail. I wonder how many people have noticed the man on the Hospital roof. Not me for one.

  3. I liked the man with the moustache. I am sure that you underestimate your abilities as a singer though I am glad you enjoy the choir.

  4. Those glass maple leaves are wonderful, if you’d not told me they were glass I’d never have known! That watching man on the roof looks a little sinister to me, I’d keep an eye on him if I were you 🙂

  5. The glass flowers are fantastic so I had to do a little reading about them. Incredible workmanship. Does anybody have the skills to do that today, I wonder?

    1. I’m sure that there are equivalent craftsmen today catering for the whims of the fantastically wealthy. I don’t know whether galas is in fashion or not.

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