Mixed weather, mixed day

Today’s picture, direct from sunny California, shows the fruit growing in Fraser and Lesley’s garden.  I would be very pleased to be able to pick an apricot or two as I strolled through the garden as they can.


After rain in the night, the morning was grey but warm and dry and with not much of a wind.  I was still feeling tired and wondered whether a gentle pedal would blow the cobwebs away.  This also gave me the opportunity to test my capability to get  my new GPS computer to record laps as I intended to pedal up and down the three miles to Wauchope Schoolhouse two or three times so as not leave myself with a long way to get home.

On my way up the second lap, I encountered a supersonic blur which turned out to be Dropscone finishing a turn round the morning run.  I was passed on my way down the second lap by a pair of serious pedallers, too busy to exchange a word with me as they flew by.  They had their noses so close to their front wheels, that sparks were flying.

I found that twice up and down was more than enough for me and returned to check the thirteen miles on my computer.  I learned that it was quicker to cycle downhill with the wind behind me than it was to cycle up hill with the wind against me.  Technology is wonderful.

The meconopsis had survived the night of rain….


There were wet flowers on every side.



Some new flowers have appeared beside the pond.

poached egg plant

Mrs Tootlepedal thinks that they should be poached egg flowers (limnanthes douglasii) but they seem to be not quite right as they are missing the white fringe.

The birds at the sunflower heart feeder were almost entirely siskins today.


The sparrows prefer the fat balls (when they are not eating the veg garden up).  We still have an occasional redpoll, greenfinch and chaffinch but the birds in general seem to have better things to do than to entertain me.

Granny and Mrs Tootlepedal went off to buy a little local produce for Granny to take home as a gift to the returning holidaymakers and I went round distributing posters for the photo exhibition.  The effort of a thirteen mile bike ride, a wander round the garden and a visit to the High Street was quite enough and after lunch, while Mrs Tootlepedal went off to help with the driving for the disabled, I collapsed onto a chair and had a companionable snooze with Granny in front of the tennis on the telly.

I thought that I ought to do something so after a while I got up got up, got out the little mower and mowed the grass round the greenhouse.  Then it was back to snoozing.  It was a pity to waste a lovely afternoon but there are times when there is no alternative to having a little rest and this was one of them.

The view from the upstairs window shows what a nice day I was wasting.

front lawn

The rather odd light rectangular patches on the box hedge at the front are not some camera failure but the reflections of sun on our two windows.

I had one last walk round the garden before tea.


These mimulus (musk) flowers have appeared by the pond.  They look interesting and I will try to take a better picture of them soon if the weather allows.

Mrs Tootlepedal enjoys surveying this colourful corner which is at is peak just now.

colourful corner

The clematis round the back door is in full swing and is doing its best to disguise the many drainpipes there.


A new pink geranium has arrived to join the blue and white ones which are already out.


And finally, I was pleased to see a bee.  They are still pretty scarce.


It looks for a moment as though it has been impaled by an aquilegia.

After tea, I went with Sandy to the Archive Centre.  Jean was absent on family business but luckily the internet connection was working well today so I was able to put another week of the newspaper index into the database.  I was amused to find a reference to a letter profusely apologising for the ‘obnoxious remarks’ that the correspondent had used in our paper regarding the editor of a neighbouring newspaper.  If tabloid journalists or internet users had to apologise for the obnoxious remarks that they routinely make these days, there would be little space for anything else in their papers or on the web.

We enjoyed a pint in the Douglas before returning home.

A flying bird of a sort was found.


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28 thoughts on “Mixed weather, mixed day

  1. I am overwhelmed. What an absolutely fantastic garden you have! It was indeed a beautiful day, especially after the rain, I don’t know how you feel you wasted it. As much as I crave it fresh air always knocks me out eventually. Love the photos, especially the meconopsis.

  2. Oh, you have the blue Meconopsis. Sometimes I have one but only when I buy a new one. Two years keeping one alive is my record. Love the overviews of the garden. Great angle on the topiary chicken!

  3. I loved the flowers with rain drops on them, splendid pictures. No comments for the next week as i will be out of Wifi range alas. Your garden is certainly appreciated by your readers!

  4. Sorry to hear that you have been so tired.
    The garden is looking splendid – a wonderful shot from the upstairs window.

  5. Your garden is quite beautiful! Those flowers do look like poached egg plant, except the missing white bit, how odd. Funnily enough my blog is all about bees today (well apart from the mysterious pile of clothes on the bridge that had me very worried this morning) there were bees everywhere!

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