Failure to stick to plan

Today’s picture, in the absence of any fresh contributions from friends and family, is another look at the dolphins that my brother and his wife met on their recent visit to Wales.  They look more exciting than our frogs.


My plan for the day was to wake up early, leap out of bed and go cycling before breakfast as I had a number of tasks for later on.  I managed the early waking part all too well but didn’t quite get round to the leaping out of bed part until it was far too late to go cycling.   The rest of the day was filled by one thing after another and the chance of cycling further than the High Street slipped away, never to return.

I was sitting in the kitchen, waiting for the porridge to cook when I thought that I heard a bird cheeping in the boiler room.  I had.


The blackbird chicks have obviously left the nest and this one had explored an open door.  It got out safely and sat around looking very disgruntled by the tardiness of its parents in the matter of feeding it.

blackbird chick

There are a good many young birds to be seen around at the moment.

young  birds

I started the day by waiting in for a parcel.  Our TV reception in the B&B room is so poor that we have decided to move with the times and get a satellite dish so that our guests may have a wider selection of free channels to watch.  The added bonus for us is that we will be able to watch ITV4 which shows the Tour de France.  The parcel contained one of the two Freesat boxes which we will need to decode the signal.  The parcel tracking system worked very well.  It said that the parcel would be delivered by Dave between 9.45 and 10. 45 and Dave delivered the parcel at 9.47.

I was whiling away the waiting time by putting a week of the newspaper index into the database. I have got behind in this in the recent good spell of weather and will have to get a bit of discipline or the backlog will become unmanageable.

When I had finished that, I made a cup of coffee for Mrs Tootlepedal who had been to a choir practice, mowed the drying green, picked some strawberries and cycled up the town to buy some weedkiller to deal with the forest of weeds on our drive.  Another volunteer was doing the late morning slot for minding the exhibition so I came home and sieved a bucket of compost and mowed the front lawn. I used the last of my moss killer and feed to cover the patches on the lawn that showed up the bits that I had missed yesterday and then had lunch.

Somewhere in between this, I made a loaf of plain bread in the machine and started off a sourdough loaf.

I did manage to take a picture or two of the garden birds and flowers.

One or more families of sparrows are tucking into the fat balls with great gusto.  Mrs Tootlepedal counted ten on and in the fat ball feeder at one time during the day.  This was the early shift, nibbling noisily while a goldfinch waits for space on the seed feeder.

goldfinch and sparrows

The goldfinch found some space a moment or two later.


In general, the garden is going through a slightly whiter phase at the moment after the vibrant colours of spring. The insects don’t seem to mind.

white flowers and insects

I don’t mind either.  There is a good variety of ‘white’ to be seen….

geranium, philadephus and spirea
geranium, philadephus and spirea

…and still a bit of colour too, new and old.


As the yellow azalea fades away, a yellow rose is growing to take its place.

rose and azalea

The vegetable garden is looking very healthy at the moment but I took this picture of a potato flower which is not in the garden.


I am growing it in a bag in the greenhouse in an effort to get really early potatoes which are slug free.  I tried this last year without any great success but I am hoping that the better weather this year will be more fruitful.

We have regular visits from both blue and coal tits.  These are coal tits.  The one on the right looks a bit harassed.

coal tit

These are blue tits.  The one on the right looks very harassed!

blue tits

The siskins are very much in evidence.  This one started off giving a neighbour a warning off and when that didn’t work, it really went ballistic.


After lunch, I went off to do the afternoon session at the photos and was pleased to welcome a fair number of interested visitors and spent most of my time chatting to them.  I am now optimistic that by the end of the two weeks, we will have had more visitors to the exhibition than we have photographs in the exhibition.

When I got back, I did some work using my computer to transpose a song for one of the soloists to sing at our forthcoming concert and then my flute pupil Luke came.  We very nearly managed to play a whole movement of the Loeillet sonata which we are practising without stopping.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will achieve this next week.  It will be a milestone in developing his concentration.

Later in the evening, I went out to play with Mike and Isabel.  We enjoyed ourselves as usual and in addition, I tried singing a song which I have been practising as Isabel has said that she will help me to sing better.  She didn’t actually laugh at me which was encouraging.

I found a chaffinch to act as a traditional flying bird of the day today.

flying chaffinch

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12 thoughts on “Failure to stick to plan

  1. Love the Chaffinch photo Tootle. ‘Here I am in all my pomp. Look at me!’ Great capture. 😀

  2. splendid pictures as always. Glad all the music making went well, and hope you progress well with the singing.

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