I love it when a plan…..(a pedal and a tootle)

Today’s picture, sent to me by my daughter, shows a well known Edinburgh dog.  He is named after a church and has a pub named after him.  I have often in my youth tipped my hat to him when passing on the way from the pub but only once when passing on the way to the church.

Geyfriars Bobby

Today I spent almost all the day sitting down in various ways and in various places.  It started when a planned early start actually happened and I was out on my bike shortly after eight o’clock.

It was a fairly dull ride as I had a deadline for my return and I took some fairly dull pictures to go with it.  It seemed only fair.

oyster catchers
A pair of oyster catchers on a gate near Wauchope Schoolhouse.

  My route took me over Callister and then on into the flat country beyond Eaglesfield.

eaglesfield  bus stop
A very jolly bus stop in the village.

I was looking for a gentle forty miles and more by good fortune than skill, the forty miles clicked up exactly as I returned to my starting point.

It was unexpectedly chilly at only 50 degrees F but the lack of wind more than made up for that.  The skies were  grey but clear enough for me to be able to see the Solway Firth and the hills beyond as I left the hills behind me.

My way was brightened up by many fields of buttercups

I travelled along roads both narrow….

narrow road near KPF

…and broad….


…and both types were pleasingly lined with wild flowers and largely traffic free.

The spy cows were on the lookout for me as I passed.


My Garmin tells me that my moving time was accomplished at 15 mph but my average was 14.8 mph.  I shall obviously have to read the handbook to find out what is going on there.  It also claims that I faced 1377ft of climb  but over 40 miles that is an insignificant amount.

I just had time for a shower before it was time to go and sit in at the photo exhibition.  I wasn’t greatly disturbed by people clamouring to look at pictures but my flute pupil’s mum and a friend came in which was nice.

There was a few minutes for a bacon butty before I was off again, this time for a couple of hours in the tourist information point at the Kilngreen.   There were tourists and I gave them information but not many and not much.

I took ten minutes when I got home again to get out the camera and let the new lens stretch its legs.  Mrs Tootlepedal had spent the whole day, while I was sitting about, in marginally re-siting the feeder pole and cleaning the ground underneath so that we can enjoy the birds and still be able to clean up the inevitable mess more easily than before.  The birds seemed unflustered by the move of half a metre or so.

A redpoll heading for the new feeder site.
It took a moment to find the right side.

A siskin had the same problem.


The siskins were as stroppy as ever.

stroppy siskins
stroppy siskins

stroppy siskins

In the end, all the males ganged up and shouted at a female.  Fairly typical behaviour in many walks of life.

siskin gang

I had a quick sprint round the flowers.

A variegated hosta looking well
The alliums are mere ghosts now.
The weigela next to the road is beginning to show up well

And yet another white flower has appeared.  I’ll need to take advice as to what it is, as my agent is unavailable as I write this, but it looks lovely.

white flower

The hawkweed meadow and the irises beyond it have been victimised by an arty filter on my computer.

hawkweed and irises

I wish that I could learn to paint but it is one of the many things that have proved to be beyond me.

After this burst of photography, I retired indoors and sat at the computer to finish transposing the solo for the concert.  This took a bit of time and then I had a moment to make and eat my tea before shooting off to Carlisle (without Susan who was unavailable) to play recorder with the group.  We were four tonight and enjoyed playing some excellent music.  I may have remarked before (but that has never stopped me from remarking the same thing again) that any day when you get to play a piece by Giles Farnaby is a day to be entered on the credit side of the great ledger of life.  We played two pieces by Farnaby.  Double entry. What joy.  Good home made cake afterwards as well.

So for a day when I spent about nine hours sitting down, it was a very enjoyable and varied experience.

A siskin obliged with a nice flying pose.








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21 thoughts on “I love it when a plan…..(a pedal and a tootle)

  1. The white flower is a dianthus, which is a type of carnation. They’re commonly called pinks because of the way the petal edges look like they were cut out with pinking shears. They’re also usually very fragrant. Sweet William is another carnation.

  2. Oh, I was pipped to the post, I was going to be clever and inform you that your flowers n were pinks but too late, you already know. We had them on the rockery when I was young and they were actually pink too.

  3. I don’t know if you were kidding about checking the manual for your GPS device or not, but the difference in speed between overall and moving is the time that you stopped to take photos, stopped at stop signs, and those types of things. The 14.8 MPH represents your speed from the time you started the unit recording until you stopped it, the 15 MPH is what you averaged while actually moving.

    1. It’s more complicated than that. It records the overall time for the run, including stops and then adds ‘time’ and ‘moving time’. For instance today I had an elapsed time of 1.50.44, a moving time of 1.48.34 and a time of 1.49.01. Explain that if you can.

      1. I’m not sure if I can, yours is a Garmin, mine is a DeLorme. However mine also times how long it takes the unit to acquire a fix on the satellites and keeps track of that total time as well. So with mine, it tracks from the time I turn the unit on until I stop the recording, the time from when it acquires the satellite fix on, the moving time, and how long I was stopped, so I get four times with it.

  4. You got a splendid set of responses to the name of the white flower! Glad you went biking, i loved the picture overlooking the Solway Firth. What a knowledgeable lot your blog followers are!

  5. For a chap who spent of lot of time sitting down, you had an action packed day and a lot of bicycling!

    1. A bacon butty is simply a bacon sandwich either in bread or in a soft bread roll. It is the food of the gods given the right bacon and the right degree of crispiness.

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