Puffed out by the nurse

Today’s picture is another from my daughter’s visit to Edinburgh where she is working at the Film Festival.  It shows the Dean Village towering above the river below.

Dean village

We had quite a sunny day here too, seventy miles to the south.  Once again I managed to stagger out of bed and be on the bike by eight o’clock but that was the extent of my vigour as I found the actual pedalling hard work today and limited myself to 25 miles at a very steady speed.  The route was so dull and my willingness to undergo extra stopping and starting so low that although I took my camera with me, I never took it out of my back pocket.

When I had got home and had my shower, it was time to go out to see the asthma nurse for my annual check to see if I am still breathing.  I was asked to blow into a peak flow meter which checks how you are doing and my first result was so weedy that I gave the device two huge puffs to prove how well I was.  As a result, I felt quite poorly for some time afterwards.  That served me right for trying to show off.  Anyway, it turned out that I am still breathing so I was sent home for another year.

Then there was just time for lunch and I had to go to my old school at Canonbie to borrow a keyboard for our concert on Friday.  The headmistress has kindly lent it to us for the weekend.  I purchased this keyboard, a Yamaha PF85, many years ago when I was head there and I can remember whipping it in and out of its cupboard with no bother.  Since then, it seems to have put on a lot of weight somehow and I had to get help to carry it out to the car.  Mysterious.

I took it home and then pedalled up to the town to see how Sandy was getting on looking after the photo exhibition ….


… it wasn’t very busy.  We had a chat and he showed me a new motion sensing camera which he has just bought.  It looks very promising and if it works well, I may buy one too as it would be interesting to see what goes on in  the garden after dark.  I left him to snooze on and pedalled up to the Kilngreen.

Some movement near the far bank of the Ewes Water caught my eye.


It was a wagtail and it kept me entertained for quite a while, swooping and diving over the water picking up insects.


A couple started throwing bread to the ducks nearby and that gave me a chance to capture a gull passing on its way from the picnic.


I cycled on up to the site of the nuthatch nest.  They are long gone but a pair of swallows were busy at their nest in an open shed.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t go to the nest if I was in a position to use a camera so I just had to sit and watch them zipping too and fro.  They are elegant fliers and a joy to watch.

I was consoled by the surrounding trees in the sunshine.



I cycled home and took a turn round the garden with sandycam in hand.

A delphinium is developing nicely.

Mrs Tootlepedal had pointed a new rose out to me in the morning.  It was rather hidden behind some shrubs though.

rosa gallica complicata
She tells me that it is a rosa gallica complicata even though it looks quite simple.

I found another one hiding behind a hedge on the front lawn.  It was easier to see.

rosa gallica complicata

Other roses are nearly ready to join the show.

rose bud
This is one of my favourites and I look forward to seeing it in bloom
candelabra primulas
The new candelabra primulas have settled in well.
A completely different sort of allium has also just come out.

Sandy came round for tea after the exhibition closed and then decided to go on a swallow hunt so I shall look at his blog soon to see of he had better luck than I had.  He told me that he had a some visitors after I had left and that he had actually sold a picture to one them.  As the buyer is an artist, he was very pleased.  Another local artist has asked for a copy of another of his pictures so that she can paint it.  There will be no living with him soon.

When he left,  I stared out of the window for a while.

goldfinch and siskin
A siskin gives a goldfinch its usual rude greeting
goldfinch and siskin
On this occasion, the goldfinch returned the compliment with interest.
The siskins kept at each other both by shouting….
…and with feet.

The raggedy blue tit returned.

blue tit

Mrs Tootlepedal returned from an afternoon at work and we had tea and set off to a final concert rehearsal at the church at Kirkandrews where we will give the first of our two performances.  I foolishly failed to take a camera with me and when we got there,  the church looked gorgeous in the evening sunlight and the setting sun as we drove home was sensational.  It was one of those days when my brain wasn’t at its peak.

One of the picnicking gulls is the flying bird of the day.

black headed gull







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33 thoughts on “Puffed out by the nurse

  1. Love the tree lined paths / roads. SIgh.
    So the show is also a sale. Nice.
    The wing spread on the siskin on the bottom is delicate. Might be fun to isolate it for a pic.

  2. Made me laugh as you often do. Pretty tragic at the end though without a camera. I remember back in the days of film I did not want to carry my Pentax SLR on a beach walk as it was heavy. Guess what, of course there was a double rainbow over the beach.

  3. Lovely photos. The wagtail brings me back to my year in Australia, watching them do their acrobatics for no apparently reason.

  4. Very high standard of photography.
    Well done for getting on your bicycle so early in the morning

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