Steamed up

Today’s picture was taken especially for the blog by my brother as he pedalled along the Erewash Canal in Nottinghamshire.  Very nice it is too. Dropscone and I enjoyed a pedal ourselves this morning.  It was a lot cooler than it has been lately but the  absence of any wind made it very pleasant asContinue reading “Steamed up”

What a shower

Today’s picture, sent by a fond father, shows Maisie chasing her shadow in the middle of a New Zealand winter. It was an itty-bitty day today with stuff done but no great satisfaction. It started with a routine  visit to the health centre to get a blood test to check that my arthritis medicine isn’tContinue reading “What a shower”


Today’s picture was sent to me by Dropscone who was officiating at the Scottish Boys Golf Championships last week when rain stopped play.  I assume that there was no hint of lightning about. If there had been any play here today, rain would have stopped that too as it was quite wet in the morning. Continue reading “Peckish”

Mrs Tootlepedal plans a trip

Today’s picture is a detail from a very nice photo of a dragonfly which Gavin kindly sent to me. After several weeks of fine weather, the rain arrived today.  In fact it had rained all through the night as well but so dry has the garden been that it soaked all the water up withoutContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal plans a trip”

The day after the day before

Today’s picture, sent to me by Dropscone’s niece, shows her daughter thoroughly enjoying the Monticello Trail. After the excitement of Langholm’s Great Day yesterday, I was in relaxed mood and spent the morning in idle pleasure, wandering around the garden and sitting down in equal proportions once I had visited our local producer’s market toContinue reading “The day after the day before”

Langholm’s Great Day 2013

The picture of the day shows Langholm’s 2013 cornet Alistair Cavers. The last Friday in July by tradition sees the celebration of the Langholm Common Riding when the town’s standard is carried round the town and the common lands on the hill by a mounted horseman and his followers.  Although the ceremony has lost itsContinue reading “Langholm’s Great Day 2013”

One day on, one day off

Today’s picture, in the absence of any contribution from readers, shows one of the developing sunflowers on the veg garden fence in a nifty vignette. At the moment, I can take a busy day if I follow it with a calm day so after all the fun of yesterday’s tour, I settled in for aContinue reading “One day on, one day off”

A motor tour

Today’s picture shows a young blackbird which, having had its bath, is standing on a fence post and making faces at Bruce who sent me the photo. The day dawned dry and misty after the overnight rain and I managed to get up early and go for a pedal to Waterbeck at a nice gentleContinue reading “A motor tour”


Today’s picture shows a tree pretending to be a dinosaur which recently caught my sister Susan’s eye. We spent the day here waiting for it to rain.  It looked as though it was going to rain and it felt as though it was going to rain and the ever present threat of rain stopped usContinue reading “Antediluvian”

Tomorrow is another day today

Today’s picture, sent to me by my friend Gavin, shows a fine wild flower meadow in front of the civic centre in Newcastle.  Public money well spent. The first bird of the day to be spotted was this pigeon in a box. Yesterday’s day of rest had done the trick and I woke up feelingContinue reading “Tomorrow is another day today”