A varied day

Today’s picture, sent by my sister Mary, shows a very curious animal in Regent’s Park.

Speaks for itself

I had to get up early today. It wasn’t to go cycling though.  I had to take the keyboard back to Canonbie school so that it was ready for their Monday music lessons.  My daughter came with me for company.  The forecast had been for rain all day but in the event, it turned out to be a pleasantly sunny day and she was able to enjoy the drive.  The country round here offers quite a contrast to her usual haunts in south London.

After a light and rather late breakfast, I stared out of the window for a moment….

great tit
A great tit stared back.

…and then I went out into the garden….

A blackbird practices dance moves on the lawn.

….and then  I mowed the front lawn.   I was appalled to find a large patch of pearlwort has made an appearance. That is the nature of lawn care though, the battle is never ending.  When I had finished mowing, I wandered round the rest of the garden.

I am anxious to see this peony come out.

In an exciting development, a tiny tomato has appeared on my tomato plant.

The first of many, I hope.

I was walking round with camera in hand, snapping away when a passer-by stopped at the hedge and asked if I was taking pictures for the blog.  I was.


The martagon lily at the front gate is flourishing.

martagon lily

There are many other martagon lilies in the garden which are not out yet but Mrs Tootlepedal is rather worried as some of the buds are falling off without opening.

My friend Arthur came round on a little bit of business and we combined that with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.  He arrived (and left) on a folding French bicycle which his son has just purchased second hand.

folding cycle
He says he hasn’t cycled for decades but looked quite at ease.

My daughter had expressed a wish to see the Moorland Feeding Station in real life, having seen it so often on the blog so after Arthur had pedalled off, Mrs Tootlepedal, Annie and I drove up to watch the birds.  It was very midgy so we didn’t stay long but there was plenty of woodpecker action to see while we were there.

One came close to me for a moment or two.
And then another one obliged.  (Or possibly the same one again.)

Somehow, without doing much, the morning had passed and it was time for lunch when we got home.

I found time to take a close up of a siskin.  The size of the seed in its tiny beak shows whey we are getting a lot of fallen seeds under the feeder.


Luckily there are enough birds about at the moment to clean the bulk of the fallen seeds up.

The weather continued to be fine so after lunch, I scarified the middle lawn and mowed it.  It looked better as a result.

For the rest of the afternoon, I mixed watching the Tour de France, tennis and wandering round the garden again.

Another peony is almost there.

Two new flowers caught my eye.

sweet william
The first Sweet Williams of the year

White iris

The garden is very sweet smelling at the moment as there are several Philadelphus bushes in flower.


The bees go for the astrantias.

astrantia with bee

The evening was given over to music.  First I had an enjoyable music lesson with Luke and then I had a very enjoyable play after tea with Mike and Isabel.  Among other pieces, we are playing a couple of short but very expressive pieces in canonic  form by François-Clément Théodore Dubois (24 August 1837 – 11 June 1924), a French composer of whom I was completely ignorant before I came across him on the internet while searching for music that would suit a cello, recorder/flute and piano trio.  Sometimes the internet turns up trumps.

There is an unusual flying bird of the day today.

goldfinch diving





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26 thoughts on “A varied day

  1. The flowers are beautiful. Could the birds be trying to use the lily buds as perches and knocking them off? Low light can cause bud drop, but usually the plants will lean dramatically toward the sun if they aren’t getting enough of it.

  2. Great woodpecker photos, and I love that last bird photo as well. We’ve had a bumper crop of tomatoes already this year – hope yours flourishes as well!

  3. Hope the tomatoes flourish. Lovely flowers, and excellent shots of the various birds. Glad that the Dubois music proved enjoyable.

  4. Good luck with the tomatoes. I lost all mine last year after a spell of dry weather after a spell of very wet weather. This year I never got round to planting any and I have courgette instead.

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