I can get that satisfaction

Today’s picture, sent by my brother, shows my siblings having a riotous time at Somerset House. From left to right, Susan, Andrew, Mary and Caroline.Four Siblings at Somerset Ho

Today started well when I woke up early, got up early and got out on the bike fairly early.  I followed a route which took me round the first half of the sportive I did in May.  It was the less hilly half fortunately with only 1600 ft of elevation in the 38 miles according to Garmin.  Although my legs weren’t at their most co-operative, I got round pleasantly enough.  The buttercups are by and large gone from the fields now but the verges are still full of wild flowers.

wild flower

wild flower

My favourite part of the ride has no wild flowers in the verges at all though.

Open road
The col at Bailliehill

Sandy had asked me to fill the bird feeders as he had to go to work so after a shower, I drove up to the feeders.  When I got there, I found the feeders had already been filled so I was able to sit and enjoy the woodpecker show.

woodpecker and child
An adult and child arrive at a tree
woodpecker and child
The feeder is inspected
woodpecker and child
Food is acquired
woodpecker and child
And distributed to the needy

There were woodpeckers on every side.

Checking me out
Tucking in
…and just relaxing

I finally got a reasonable picture of one flying only to find that one of Dr Barlow’s furled nets had intervened.


While I was bird watching, Mrs Tootlepedal and Annie had gone off on a pedal of their own so when I came down for the feeders,  I went up the road to try to catch a shot of them coming back.  I waited….

ruined cottage
A ruined cottage caught me eye.

…and waited but they didn’t come.  I went home, thinking that they must have turned back earlier than planned but they weren’t there.  I wondered if they had changed their minds over the route or perhaps had met with mechanical problems so I set out again to find them.  This time I met them almost before I had left the town.

I had to have the shutter speed at its very highest to freeze the action as the peleton hit town

They had taken a diversion over a hill on a forestry track which accounted for their late arrival but had enjoyed the outing a great deal.

After lunch, I wandered about for a while…

A nectaroscordum looking good even before it has come fully out.

There was a terrible noise of birds which turned out to be a lot of baby starlings asking to be fed.  Here are two of them in full voice



…and then I settled down to some serious lounging about as the Tour de France offered another entertaining stage with a good win for Mark Cavendish.

Then Andy Murray took the stage at Wimbledon and I found other things to do.  When he was an up and coming player, I used to watch him in the hope that he could win and enjoyed his games a lot, win or lose.  Now he is an established player, the overwhelming feeling is fear that he might lose and I find it painful to watch.  When he went two sets down, I went outside and mowed a couple of lawns.

I took some flower pictures too.

iris siberica
Two shades of Siberian irises
bees on astrantia
Two bees with good taste in flowers
Hydrangea petals seem to float around the centre of the flower

All this activity helped Andy a lot and he won the next set.  Then I set about trimming a couple of the box balls and this helped him win the fourth set.  With the game delicately balanced at five-all in the fifth, we went out for a meal and were very pleased to find that he had got through in the end without any help from us at all.

The meal was at the Douglas and was well up to their usual standards.  When we got home, we were able to watch the re-run of the tennis and enjoy the game without having to worry about who was going to win.  This was very satisfactory.

As was the flying bird of the day. an elegant chaffinch.










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32 thoughts on “I can get that satisfaction

  1. Your flowers are (All!) the most beautiful I’ve seen Tom and I’ve seen such a variety for a while. Your Mrs. has a magical hand for flowers! 🙂

  2. What a charming series of photos of the parent and child woodpeckers! Those irises are gorgeous, especially the intensely blue one. And the flying bird….well, elegance captured.

  3. Spectacular photos. The woodpeckers are very dear and must recognize you as a benevolent provider. Chaffinch just beautiful. And everything in between.

  4. I’ve been remiss in not commenting about how beautiful the countryside is now that everything has greened up. But, that’s because you’ve been dazzling us with the flowers and birds.

  5. Lovely photographs of the irises among the many other excellent pictures. Like you, unable to watch the Murray match, but enjoyed seeing it later.

  6. Action cycling shots! Very nice, indeed.

    I empathize with your Andy Murray situation. When the Buffalo Bills are in a tight spot, my wife is required to remain in the TV room until the situation is rectified.

  7. The col road and wildflowers are very nice. I can’t see a photo of something like the ruined cottage without thinking that I would like to fix one up and live in it. Of course, if one were close by I would likely never actually do so.

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