Nothing doing

Today’s picture, sent by Gavin who is on holiday, shows a tower that houses barn owls.  I’ll have to up my bird feeder game to keep up with this sort of thing.


We woke to a miserable wet and windy day.  It was a pity as it was our daughter’s last morning with us and we drove her to the train in Carlisle in gloomy mood.  I took the opportunity to top up my supply of coffee beans with a nice selection from around the world.  Ironically, as soon as Annie had got onto the train, the weather improved and by teatime, it was a beautiful sunny, summer day.

It stayed fairly windy and as I was feeling pretty tired, I did quite a bit of pro resting while Mrs Tootlepedal went off to help with the driving for the disabled.  I managed to find the energy to mow the middle lawn and while I was doing this, Sandy arrived and we had a cup of tea.

Mike Tinker also called round and that was about all the excitement that the day offered.

I did a little gentle garden snapping from time to time.

A Rosa Goldfinch has started to flower and I like the way that it goes from this at the start…

rosa goldfinch

…through this….

rosa goldfinch

…and ends up like this.

rosa goldfinch

Three for the price of one.

There is a philadelphus near the plum tree that was nearly strangled by a clematis.  Mrs Tootlepedal has cleared away the clematis and pruned the philadephus and it seems to be happy.


White is big in the garden at the moment and the pinks are whiter than ever.


In our little pond we have some little water lilies which struggle to find enough space to grow.  From a photographer’s point of view, it is annoying that they almost always attract little black flies which slightly spoil the picture.

water lily

The white peony had attracted a bee into its secretly coloured interior.

white peony with bee

The blue delphinium had its admirers too.

delphinium with bee

The birds were much as usual with no exciting strangers visiting but as always, they gave great pleasure to anyone with the time to watch them.

A chaffinch for my sister Susan
A diagonal chaffinch
siskin and greenfinch
A siskin faces up to a greenfinch but in this case the greenfinch won and the siskin moved off.

In the evening, I went to the Archive Centre with Jean (Sandy was off gallivanting somewhere) and we did some good work but I was generally so tired that we didn’t stop for a refreshment afterwards.

One of my correspondents asked for a picture of the inside of the sourdough loaf so, ever attentive to the requirements of the readers, here it is.

sourdough loaf

It tastes good whatever it looks like.

We are promised a spell of good weather and I shall try to get rested and find a few more interesting things to snap away at over the next few days.  I am hoping to get a new set of cool cycling glasses tomorrow morning and they will make me cycle much further and faster with a lot less effort (I hope).

There was no shortage of flying birds to day so here are two.

flying chaffinch

flying chaffinch





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27 thoughts on “Nothing doing

  1. Thanks for the inside scoop!
    Pretty flowers as usual, but the bee in the delphinium looks like a water color. I’m sure you meant the white to be a bit blown out, right, and it’s perfect–the white, a touch of color, and the bee. Needs to be on the wall.

    1. You threw me a bit there. I think that you are referring to the peony and in that case you are quite right. I didn’t mind the whites being blown out for once. I might try printing it out it see how it comes.

  2. Wonderful peonies and roses! Your sourdough loaf looked perfect to me! Bet it is nice toasted as well. Lovely photos of the birds and the bees as well 😉

  3. Love the siskin/greenfinch shot. Really crisp with both showing their wing feathers off to the max. Lovely 😀

      1. Not many insects sit still for close-ups with a macro lens, if they’re alive. Most of the spectacular macro photos you see of insects are of dead insects, or were taken with a close focusing telephoto lens and extension tube.

      2. Well, let me know when you get to the point where you use super glue to attach insects to a fine wire, then edit the wire out of the photo you take.

  4. I resent the fact that there are owls in this world living in a classier looking residence than my own.

    I aspire to be a pro rester myself one day. I do consider myself to be a talented amateur.

  5. I love that tower, reminds me of the old walls around here but I don’t think they have any owls living in them. I’m sure the glasses will do the trick, Commando has a pair of special runners glasses and he swears they make him run faster. They cost enough!

  6. Sorry you were so tired – you still managed some excellent photography. Wish I could have a slice of that loaf!

  7. All your flying bird photos are amazing, I especially love the siskin-greenfinch confrontation. Your photos are so sharp I could actually count the feathers, were I so inclined! Very interesting owl “castle”!

  8. Showed your blog to my Lake District friends, I am spending the weekend with them, and they were very impressed by your photographs as was I.

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