Tomorrow is another day today

Today’s picture, sent to me by my friend Gavin, shows a fine wild flower meadow in front of the civic centre in Newcastle.  Public money well spent.

newcastle poppies

The first bird of the day to be spotted was this pigeon in a box.


Yesterday’s day of rest had done the trick and I woke up feeling quite well enough to go round the morning run with Dropscone after breakfast.  To make things better, the temperature was just right for cycling and the sun was discreetly hidden behind some clouds.  There was a friendly wind too.  All this let us get round the twenty miles in under our target time. This made the coffee and scones go down well.

I took this picture of Dropscone as he left after coffee just to show  you cycling chic at its zenith.


The sun had come out as we finished the ride and the day was beginning to heat up.  While I was out, I took a stroll round the garden.

Cosmos flowers are to be seen on all sides.


Roses are thriving.

princess margareta
Princess Margareta in her full pomp
Lilian Austin
Lilian Austin peeping out demurely

There seemed to be quite a lot of yellow about today with new lilies…


…both long term (above) and short term (below).

day lily

After Dropscone had left, we went off to Carlisle as Mrs Tootlepedal had B&B laundry business to do there and I was going to pick up my 70-300mm lens which was back from the repairers.

I was pleased to get the lens back because although it isn’t of such good quality as my new lens, it is very much lighter and easier on the joints.  I intend to mix the use of the two lenses so that I don’t put too much pressure on my wrists.  I put the old lens on the camera and shot a bird…

Just like old times.

…or two….

chaffinch in plum tree
A traditional chaffinch in plum tree picture

or even, three.  I’ve taken the fortress off the fat balls for a while.


I had a little business to do in the High Street so I cycled up, taking time off to watch the gulls in the river on my way.

gulls on Esk
There were several groups sitting on the rocks doing a little grooming.
And one doing some solo work on one leg.

After I had done my business, I cycled round the Castleholm looking for sensational shots but not finding any.  The rosebay willowherb is at its peak though, giving great splashes of red.

rosebay willowherb
(I couldn’t persuade the camera to think it was as red as it looked to me.)

On my way home, I stopped to take a picture of the progress of the building of the new primary school.

Primary school

It will be interesting to see what it looks like when it is finished.

There was time to do some much needed watering as the afternoon by now had got very hot again and I also had enough energy to clip one more of the hedges that still needed doing.  I felt that it was too hot to mow the lawns and I will wait until tomorrow to see how things turn out.  We are being threatened with torrential rain showers but it should be a bit cooler and more suitable for pushing mowers around if the showers go past us.  I picked up the camera again instead.

Astilbes have arrived in two colours
The nasturtiums are in two colours too

I didn’t neglect the birds.

A mixed bag

After tea, I went off to play music with Mike and Isabel and enjoyed it a lot as usual though I probably made more mistakes than usual.  It was too much to hope to be at my best after such a hot day.  The oomph that you get from playing with a big piano and a cello makes a good contrast to the more refined sounds of the Tuesday night recorder group.  I am lucky to have both.

I did find a flying bird.  It would have been sharper with the new lens.







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17 thoughts on “Tomorrow is another day today

  1. Lovely wildflower area. Very glad you got your energy back. Beautiful roses – ours have wilted in the heat.

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