Today’s picture shows a tree pretending to be a dinosaur which recently caught my sister Susan’s eye.

Greys Court, a tree pretending to be a dinosaur?

We spent the day here waiting for it to rain.  It looked as though it was going to rain and it felt as though it was going to rain and the ever present threat of rain stopped us from doing much that was productive outside during the morning.  In the end it didn’t rain properly at all and the only thing that I had to show by lunch time was a few photographs from the garden.

purple poppy
The purple poppy has gone a deeper colour. The raindrops show that it did rain a tiny bit every now and again.
There has been a family of young dunnocks around but they don’t stand still often. This was the best that I could do today.

A new flower has appeared.

knautia macedonica
A Knautia Macedonica, another flower with a lot of little flowers.

It stands next to a knapweed.


The clematis on the vegetable garden fence is flourishing.  We think that there are two different plants here (four petal and six petal varieties) if not three.


The phlox, another sign of the passing of summer, is getting into its stride.

Note the inevitable little black insect which always appears when you are snapping white flowers.

I wrongly called a rose Lilian Austin yesterday .  It was a Rosa Wren.  It had a friend today.

rosa wren

It was looking radiant in spite of the gloomy weather.  By contrast the hosta flowers always seem a bit gloomy.  This one called to mind a Victorian funeral.


In honour of the cooler morning, I made a pan of lentil soup for lunch and then it was time to go off to the tourist information point at the Kilngreen.  I actually had seven visitors but as they came in two groups and neither wanted any information, my afternoon was not very productive.  It still hadn’t started to rain by the time I locked up and by now it was quite warm again so I bought an ice cream and sat by the river to eat it.  By chance I had my camera with me.

The gulls obviously though that I had some food for them and came up very close.

black headed gull
A standard black headed gull
black headed gull
I think this curiously hunched bird is a juvenile

I nearly got three very nice flying pictures as the birds approached me but in each case they came a fraction too close and the tip of a wing was just out of frame.

flying gullsI did get a flying picture but it wasn’t nearly as good as the three I missed.

flying gull

When I got home, I couldn’t believe my eyes.   I found that some vandal had stolen a large part of the middle lawn.

middle lawn

About three metres had disappeared.  I went in to tell Mrs Tootlepedal about this only to find that she was the culprit with some help from Mike Tinker.  It is part of her endless cycle of improvements and by the end of the day, it looked like this.

new middle lawn

Mrs Tootlepedal thinks that it now provides more sympathetic angles for the drive.  I am sure that she is right.

Anxious to help, I scarified and mowed what was left of the lawn and then clipped the last bit of the front hedges.

I took a picture of a chance combination of colours that pleased Mrs Tootlepedal near the front lawn.

poppy and clematis
The poppy seeded itself.

After tea, I set off to Carlisle with Susan to play with the recorder group and we finally met the rain…and then some.  It absolutely lashed down and we were soon navigating round huge puddles and sailing along rivers running along the road.  It was exciting but we arrived safely and enjoyed a very good evening’s playing while the rain battered on the windows.   This will be our last play for a month as we are taking a break until September.

By the time we left, the rain had stopped and the roads had dried up but as we approached Langholm, we could see lightning flashing and clouds sitting right down on our hills. Luckily though, it had stopped raining by the time we got home.  Mrs Tootlepedal reported that she had enjoyed a fine thunderstorm while we were away.

It is still pleasantly warm and the garden and the countryside needed rain so we are not complaining about the change in the weather….yet.

A sparrow took the flying bird of the day spot.

flying sparrow















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19 thoughts on “Antediluvian

  1. And now a follow up, we too have been waiting for rain. We just snapped a 7 day heat wave, temps above 90. The rain seemed to fall everywhere except our back yard until last night, fortunately it rained the entire night but stopped by sunrise. I think I live in Camelot!

  2. Well, at least you now have less lawn to mow. I wouldn’t have any problem trusting Mrs. Ts gardening instincts. She has a good eye. If only I could have had two just like her when I had my gardening business.

  3. The purple poppy is positively regal in color. Just beautiful. Isn’t that always the way with downpours – they wait until you’re out on the road before opening up!

  4. Interesting gulls you have, and the juveniles of anything are always so interesting. I had a juvenile mockingbird on my fence, looking like he was a messily dressed punk.

  5. I’m glad you got your rain. It sorry it was while you were out cycling. We have had a couple of periods of slight drizzle but it has made things a little less humid for the moment. Are there going to be flowers in the place of the lawn Mrs T dug out?

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