Today’s picture was sent to me by Dropscone who was officiating at the Scottish Boys Golf Championships last week when rain stopped play.  I assume that there was no hint of lightning about.

Rain stopped play(1)

If there had been any play here today, rain would have stopped that too as it was quite wet in the morning.  As a result, Dropscone and I had coffee and treacle scones without bicycling first.   I was quite pleased as the effort of eating all those scones yesterday at the Waterbeck cream tea event had left me feeling a little too weary for cycling (but not tired for treacle scones strangely).

When Dropscone departed in the continuing rain, I stared out of the window for a while.  Sometimes no birds fly at the right time but today they came out in force.  A handsome sparrow led the way.

flying sparrow

Followed by two chaffinches…

Wings in
Wings out

The aerial display was rounded off by a young sparrow trying to share a perch with another youngster.

young sparrows

By this time the rain had stopped and I was able to walk round the garden.

A damp crocosmia beside the middle lawn.
Day lily
A day lily makes the most of its brief existence.
A poppy looking a bit like a fancy dessert

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work in the afternoon and as the weather had cleared up, I did some work in the garden.  I sieved some of the kitchen waste which has been composting for two years and is producing rich material now.  The only downside of waiting for two years for material to compost is how little you get out compared with how much you put in.

Then I mowed the middle lawn which is looking as good as can be expected.

Mrs Tootlepedal has cut down one more of the large box balls which are dotted about the garden and I was able to finish uprooting the stump.  (She had done most of the heavy work already, needless to say.)

Finally, I gave the yew chicken in the drive a bit of a clip.  This is the first time I have done this and I was nervous as it is always easy to make a cut too far and ruin the shape.  However, it seemed to come out not too badly.

yew chicken

As you can see, by this time the sun was shining brightly so Sandy and I agreed to make a visit to the Moorland bird feeders in the hope of seeing a woodpecker or two.  Our record for making it rain when we visit the feeders is very good and we thought for a moment that we might have succeeded again when we got there…

Drak clouds at Moorland feeder

…but the dark clouds passed and the sunshine remained.

We couldn’t see much when we sat down because of the crowds of woodpeckers which kept getting in  our way.  We were vastly entertained by them visiting nut and seed feeders, flying high, swooping low and in general putting on a great show.  Here are a few of the many snaps that I took.

One even got into the cage to keep larger birds out.
At the branch office

Going nuts


Is this my best side?

Watch the birdie

The young ones were busy chasing each other round the feeders for a lot of the time and there was never a dull moment.  I had to leave though to get ready for my flute pupil Luke.

He has been on holiday but he hasn’t neglected his flute practice and we managed to play the whole of the first movement of our Loeillet Trio Sonata, accompanied by the computer playing the keyboard part, without stopping and without a mistake.  This was a great moment and we were both very pleased indeed.

For our pudding with our evening meal, Mrs Tootlepedal and I enjoyed a dish of gooseberry fool….

gooseberry fool

It may not look much but it tasted delicious.

This rounded off a day that started gloomily but ended very well.

You will be surprised to find that the flying bird of the day is one of those skittish woodpeckers.

flying woodpecker









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21 thoughts on “Peckish

  1. The Woodpeckers are fabulous and well worth an hour or so at the Moorland Feeders. More people should take the opportunity to visit. Hopefully by the Autumn we will have a proper Bird Hide there so the birds can be viewed even when it is wet.

  2. Really excellent woodpecker shots. Glad the sun came out p.m.
    The yew chicken looks very good, and finally many congratulations to Luke and yourself for the successful play of the Loeillet movement.

  3. So much to admire today, all those birds both at home and at the feeding station, the splendid gooseberry fool and finally the triumph of playing the sonata movement Both teacher and pupil are to be congratulated.

  4. I watched The Open for several days and didn’t see any vistas as fetching as the ones you regularly photograph. You must live in the pretty part of Scotland.

    1. Outside of the big towns, there are few parts of Scotland that are not pretty but our area is certainly easy on the eye if you are not looking for mountains.

  5. I’ve read up on gooseberry fool. How can it not be delicious with all that whipped cream?
    You are so right about the sadly small amount of finished compost.

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