Back in the groove

Today’s picture shows a garden in a single flower.


Although the sunflowers haven’t turned their faces the way the Mrs Tootlepedal hoped, they are flourishing and proving to be a magnet for the local bee population.

We were a bit tired after our trip to London but we managed to sleep well once back in our own beds and get up to face the new day.  It was much cooler here than it had been when we left and I needed to put on a couple of layers for my morning pedal.  There are notices out saying that the Wauchope road is closed so I pedalled up it to find out how far it is possible to go.  There are some roadworks at three miles but the closure turns out to be for repairs to a bridge five miles up the road so I was able to go round the morning run the wrong way with even less traffic than usual.

I stopped to take a picture of this very young tree which has been planted along with hundreds (thousands?) of others where the Kerr wood was recently felled.


This is one of the few labour intensive jobs left as these tress are all hand planted.  It makes my back sore just thinking about it.

route mapThe wind was very light and the temperature was pleasant enough for cycling so I enjoyed my circuit and by sprinting through the town when I got back, I  just managed to creep my average up to 15 mph which is the speed which I consider makes a ride respectable.

Although cycling too much makes me tired, I am now fit enough to be able to push a bit if the need for a burst of speed comes upon me and that makes me feel like a proper cyclist, even if a very sedate one.

By the time that I got home, it was nearly time for me to go out again.  It was my day for going to the tourist information point at the Kilngreen.  I did find a moment to walk round the garden first though.

The sunflowers keep drawing my camera lens towards them.


The bee and the flower are almost exactly the same colour.

Two new flowers have appeared.

Japanese anemone and marigold
Japanese anemone and marigold

And an old one keeps giving pleasure.

Icelandic poppy
Icelandic poppy

The most striking thing about my visit to the tourist office was the large hanging basket at the door,  It is going great guns.

hanging basket

It was the only thing of interest, as I didn’t get a single tourist to inform during my two hour spell.  It was warm enough when I locked up to buy an ice cream from the van in the car park and to sit by the river while I ate it.

An old friend
And some new ones

Some boys were feeding the gulls with more enthusiasm than good sense.


I was well entertained.  Mrs Tootlepedal also had had a fun afternoon visiting the council dump with a car load of hawthorn hedge trimmings which were too thorny to shred and compost.

She was busy in the garden picking a good crop of broad beans for freezing when I got back and I joined in by mowing the middle and front lawns and then shredding the bean stalks when she had finished stripping them.

After tea, Sandy appeared and we went up to the moor to do some hen harrier watching.  It was a lovely day by this time and the view from our parking place was good enough to justify the journey without any harriers appearing.

View down tarras

Fortunately the harriers did appear so we were doubly happy.


I took a shot of the hillside in front of the parking place which we use to view the harriers.

harrier country

We were watching a pair of young birds.  When they drop below the horizon, we can see them with the naked eye but the camera finds it hard to pick them out so I need them to fly above the crest of the hill if I am to get a shot of them.  This was my best effort.


They often drop behind the hill but there is usually something to watch.  Today we had a good number of cyclists passing and a splendid cloudscape to keep us interested.


We stopped on our way home to take a picture of the evening sunshine on the Ewes valley…

Ewes valley

…and we enjoyed a cup of tea and some freshly cooked beetroot from the garden when we got home.  Sandy reminded me that it is almost time for the Canonbie Flower Show so I will have to look through the year’s photos to see if there is anything that fits the classes.

A chaffinch takes its rightful place as the traditional flying bird of the day.







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22 thoughts on “Back in the groove

    1. Thank you. I am trying to work out all those things about light which make for good landscape pictures but meanwhile I am letting the countryside do the work as I learn.

    1. I am very glad that you enjoy the blog but as I am a curmudgeon by nature, I don’t participate in the award-go-round and I would ask you to remove the link if possible to avoid me appearing ungracious later.

      1. So sorry! It was the first time I had been asked to participate, and I absolutely understand.

        I will do that immediately. I hope there was no inconvenience.

      2. I have removed your blog from the post. Also, if there is something you know about the awards that I don’t, please tell me! I don’t want to spam anyone! That is certainly not my intention. I just thought they might be a good way to increase readership and connect with other bloggers.

        Thank you!

      3. Thank you for doing that, you are very kind. The blog awards seem to be just as you say, a device to increase readership. It is the fact that they often seem to be a bit random and don’t indicate any great merit that puts some people off them. They are a bit like the chain letters that used to be popular when I was a boy.

      4. I was starting to get the feeling they were like chain letters too! At least these don’t come with any threats of impending doom if you don’t pass them on! (Then I certainly wouldn’t have been involved!)

        However, I was thinking of them a little like a “recommended blog” list that some people put on their sites, which is why I decided to go ahead.

        I think I will refrain from participating in the future though.

        Thanks for your response!

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