Treacle Thursday

Today’s picture, sent from one of my sister Mary’s morning walks, shows Kenwood House looking very smart with the wrapping taken off .

Kenwood House

Dropscone appeared for the morning run and rather to my surprise, we were able to go round at a very respectable 15 mph.  This may have had something to do with the almost complete absence of wind and a very pleasant 60F temperature.  It will come as a big shock when the temperature drops,  the wind begins to blow again and the rain starts to pour down after this lovely summer ends.  Still it is very nice while it lasts and the day was made nicer by the appearance of some Friday treacle scones.  These arrived a day early as Dropscone has business to attend to tomorrow.

For some inexplicable reason I was a bit tired for the rest of the day and did very little.  I did manage a short stroll round the garden.

We are into the marigold season
Although there is only one shoot on the fuchsia that is actually flowering, it is flowering very well.
back of the house
The potentillas at the back of the house are still thriving.

After lunch, we made an excursion to Longtown to pick up my new super cool varifocal, photochromic sports glasses and apart from the fact that they make me look like a bit of a pillock, they are very satisfactory.  I hope to try them out on my bike tomorrow.

We dropped in at a garden centre while we were there.  I bought some fat balls for the birds but Mrs Tootlepedal refrained from adding to her flower stock.

When we got back, Mrs Tootlepedal gardened and I rested.  She is clearing things out with much the same enthusiasm as the Visigoths went through Europe.

Somewhere during the day, I must have looked out of the window.

Feeder action
We are regularly visited by both a wood pigeon and some jackdaws.  They have beady eyes.

wood pigeon


I did muster up enough energy to start off some sour dough bread and it is in the oven as I write this.  I went out to see what Mrs Tootlepedal was doing in the garden and while I was out there, I caught a glimpse of some promising growth in the greenhouse.


A very vigorous day lily also caught my eye.

day lily

Although it is flourishing, I still find it hard to really warm to the green and white clematis and I would be pleased if anyone can tell me what insects are specially attracted to a flower of this colour.


All the bees seem to be busy visiting the more flamboyant sunflowers and hostas at the moment.

One of Mrs Tootlepedal’s current favourite colour combinations is theis mixture of nicotiana and cosmos.

nicotiana and cosmos
It works best in the evening when the nicotiana comes into its own.

In the evening, I went to the Archive Centre with Sandy and Jean and we got a good bit of work done.  I will need several wet and horrible days though if I am to catch up with the backlog of work in hand.

A slightly out of focus siskin was the best that I could do as a flying bird today.




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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

14 thoughts on “Treacle Thursday

  1. Glad you had good conditions for your morning run.
    Those tomatoes look as if they will be delicious.

  2. The tomatoes look good and I love that fuchsia. Glad the bike ride was so satisfactory.

  3. My mother is still raving about her visit to you and Mrs Tootlepedal. She loved every moment and now has a photo of your garden as her screensaver! Thank you very much for your gift of the mint and tea tree cooling cream; it has melted and re-coagulated so it’s like a scrub cream now, so it is eradicating my newfound wrinkles. I love it! BTW – it is we Aussies who grow the tea trees.

    1. Well, I never knew that. Thank you for the tea trees.

      I am glad that your mother enjoyed her visit and I am sorry about the melting cream. We never thought about that.

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