We phound a phlox

Today’s picture is another from my sister Susan’s recent visit to Regent’s Park.

Regent's Park

There was no time for cycling today and very little for taking photographs either as shortly after breakfast, we set off for a visit to Dumfries in the car.  It was a beautiful, clear, sunny morning and driving the 36 miles across country was no pain at all, with some lovely views across Nithsdale as we got near to Dumfries.  Sadly, the highway authorities have not thought to put in a lay by or viewpoint beside the busy road for the convenience of photographers so there is no chance to get a snap to show you without making some time consuming diversions.

Mrs Tootlepedal had business in Dumfries and this was completed in a satisfactory manner and on schedule so we had time to visit a garden centre on our way home.  Here we found a a phlox.  It wasn’t in great condition but we purchased it all the same.  We made our way home in time for lunch and then, after staring out of the window for a moment or two….

sparrow and siskin
A sparrow and siskin with eyes on the same perch.
chaffinch and sparrows
A chaffinch looks at an impending collision with interest.

…I settled down to an afternoon of preparing pictures for the Canonbie Show tomorrow.  This takes longer than you might think, as I have literally thousands of potential candidates to sift through and locate on disk.  (A quick check reveals that in the past three years I have posted more than 16,000 photos into this blog, although I admit that a good proportion of them are of chaffinches.)

Next I have to check whether they will suit the required 10×8 inch size that the show requires.  Then I have to give them some work in the photo editor as judges are very fussy about things.   Finally I have to see whether they will print out satisfactorily.  This is not easy to check before printing, as screen and printer colours often diverge and something that looks quite nifty on screen may look horribly green or rather gloomy on paper.  The waste-paper basket filled up steadily.

Even then, there is more to do.  The prints have to be trimmed and in some cases mounted on card.  All this took most of the afternoon.  Yet, even after spending all this time to produce 15 entries, I am quite certain that I could have found fifteen  shots at least as good and probably better if I had got a more organised filing system.

There was time after this to mow the back lawn and the drying green and finish turning the compost from bin A into bin B.  Mrs Tootlepedal has already started to refill Bin A.  I love the process of composting.  Turning the products of sunshine and air into useful soil seems like a miracle to me.  It is a miracle of course.

I had a quick scout round the garden.  The nasturtiums are prospering.


The cosmos is delightful.  (The cosmoses, the cosmoi are delightful?)


At the back of the house along the dam, an orange crocosmia gleams among the potentillas.

orange crocosmia

The potentillas are still in full bloom.  They are a wonder of longevity.

We have two varieties along the back, yellow and yellow.

After tea, Sandy (19 entries!) and I went down to Canonbie to enter our pictures.  We were hoping to be able to put them up but that wasn’t possible and we will have to get up early and go down tomorrow to make sure we get as good a showing position as possible.

I also entered one of my jars of raspberry jam in the show but it got rather joggled on the journey down and will win no prizes for its appearance now.  Still, it should get marks for taste.

A rather balletic sparrow made flying bird of the day.

balletic sparrow






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13 thoughts on “We phound a phlox

  1. Look forward to hearing the results at the show for you and Sandy – hope you do really well, and the jam too.

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