A proper Monday with a pedal and a tootle

Today’s picture, taken by my brother, shows my sister in law Catherine looking very regal in front of Frogmore House, a royal residence in Windsor.

Catherine in reflective pose

The day started as it should with the arrival of Dropscone and a pedal round the morning run.

garmin19aug13There was a noticeable west wind blowing today which we like, as it ensures that we get a speedy run down the Wauchope road to finish our ride.  It does also mean that the middle section, which is steadily uphill for a good few miles, has to be done with an unhelpful cross wind but we were in good form today and managed to complete the ride in a fraction under 1 hour 20 minutes.

We narrowly avoided an accident near the end, when we came round a downhill corner at a good speed to find one of the gang who are patching up the potholes, walking slap down the middle of the road.  It was hard to know who got the bigger fright, he or us.

We sampled some of the prizeless raspberry jam with the scones and even Dropscone admitted that it wasn’t too bad.

After Dropscone left, I took a moment to stare out of the window,.

ringed blue tit
This handsome blue tit has been ringed at some time.
A thoughtful chaffinch hangs around.

As I may have remarked before, one of the most frequent search terms leading people to visit the blog is ‘flying sparrow’ so this should keep them happy today.

flying sparrow
With one of the very few siskins we have seen lately
flying sparrow
And another

The rest of the morning was devoted to completing our tax return for 2012-13.  This is always a nervous business as it requires finding all sorts of documents which have been lying around for several months.  Mrs Tootlepedal’s filing system was up to the task though and we got the whole thing done and posted before the end of the day.

I took Sandycam out into the garden.

The cooler weather has slowed the bees down a bit and they were dallying as they visited the cosmos.

bee on cosmos

They didn’t seem to mind the colour.

bee on cosmos

They were so dozy that I actually found that I had picked one and felt it buzzing in my hand while we were dead-heading a clump of cosmos.  Luckily it was too dozy to sting me.

The Shirley poppies are going a treat with new flowers popping up all the time.

Shirley poppies

After lunch, I had to cycle up to the town to buy a large envelope to send off the tax details in.  When I got back, I found Mrs Tootlepedal in sunny mood…

Sunny mood

She is very pleased that one of the big sunflowers has produced a fine crop of youngsters.


She decided that it would be a good idea to pick the rest of the Yetholm Gypsy potatoes….

Yetholm Gypsy
They have a very pretty flower

..and we were reasonably pleased with the crop from 7 plants.

Yetholm Gypsy

The handful of white potatoes on the corner are a small bonus from a previous year’s undug crop.

The potatoes cook very well and are excellent mashed. As they were on a cheap offer in the garden centre when they were purchased, Mrs Tootlepedal is glad that she tried them.

I found some time to mow the front and middle lawns.  In yet another sign of autumn, I had to sweep a lot of worm casts off the middle lawn before mowing it.

We were visited by Sandy who had brought round the schedule for the Benty Show, the next opportunity to put photos in a competition.  Sadly their maximum size is 7in by 5in which doesn’t show the photos to their best advantage but the show doesn’t have a lot of space in their tent so there’s nothing to be done about it.

I cycled back up to the town to post the big envelope with the tax in it and then it was time for Luke’s flute lesson.  This went very well and after a tea of mince and delicious potatoes, I went off to play sonatas with Mike and Isabel.  I had found a sonata called ‘Il Pastor Fido’ by Vivaldi on the internet and we tried it out.  The verdict was good and we will ‘put it in the poke’ as the saying is.  The only problem with it was that the print is very small and a spectator might have been amused by the sight of all three of us peering anxiously at the music as we played.

In a busy field of possible candidates, the flying bird of the day is a chaffinch approaching the feeder with the brakes on.

flying chaffinch





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19 thoughts on “A proper Monday with a pedal and a tootle

  1. Loving the undercarriage on the Chaffinch 😀 I’m imagining the bees getting ready for Autumn and Winter and slowing down a bit. We have to look after our bees by including lots of flowering plants native or otherwise in our gardens for them to feed on.

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