On course

Today’s picture shows Blackfriars Station in London stretching across Blackfriars Bridge.  The station has been completely roofed with photo voltaic panels which provide 50% of the station’s power needs.  My sister Mary passed it on her walk today.

Solar panels, Blackfriars Bridge

garmin19aug13We didn’t have any sun worth speaking about here today but we did have a dry, warm day so I set off round the morning run by myself.  For a change, I did it in the wrong direction and the relatively windless conditions let me do a good time.

Although I am often quite tired, I am definitely getting fitter at the same time and I was able to press a bit as I went along without my legs or lungs complaining too much.  This is a great treat as there is nothing better than coming to a modest undulation in the road and being able to sweep over the top of it as though it was flat instead of having to change gear and puff up it slowly.

Even better was the fact that I wasn’t particularly tired when I got back and after a suitable pause for half a protein recovery bar and a couple of cups of coffee,  a look out of the window,….

ringed bluetit
The ringed blue tit was back again.

…and a walk round the garden, camera in hand….

bee on cosmos
The cosmos were still attracting bees
yellow crocosmia
A yellow crocosmia has arrived to join the red and orange varieties
Japanese anemone
Mrs Tootlepedal is very pleased with this Japanese anemone as it is one that she transplanted last year

garmin20aug13…and I was still perky enough to get the belt driven bike out and go up the Wauchope road with Mrs Tootlepedal to see how they were getting on with the replacement bridge.

They had built a little dam and were pumping the stream across the road in a pipe while they worked under the bridge itself.   I took a point and shoot camera up to record this but perhaps because it hasn’t been used for quite a long time, it refused to work and I may have to go up and try again another time.  Once again we were blown home by a favouring wind which had got up considerably compared with my earlier ride.

There was just time for a quick shower and lunch before I had to get off to the tourist information point at the Kilngreen to do my regular duty.

I had a hard time this week as I had so many visitors asking for information plus two social visits from Sandy and Jean that I hardly had time to finish my crossword.  Somehow I survived.

The reason that I had cycled round the morning run alone was that Dropscone was organising and playing in the Langholm Seniors Open Golf Tournament so Sandy and I went up to visit the golf course when I closed up the office.

We were just in time to catch Dropscone teeing off at the tenth hole (that’s the first for the second time, as it is only a nine hole course).

Dropscone driving

He is always complaining that there are too many bird pictures on the blog so I hope a few golf pictures will make him happy.

The first green
Dropscone’s partner putting on the tenth green. It went in.
The second
Dropscone setting off down the eleventh fairway.

The golf course is set on the hillside above the town and there is always the consolation of a fine view if you foozle a shot.


The course was in lovely condition and it was a treat to walk round it.  We saw swings of all sorts as we walked.

senior golfers

We could also see Sandy’s house across the other side of the valley.

Sandy's house
It’s the second from the right in the back row

As you can see, he lives right on the edge of the town which is why he gets woodpeckers, nuthatches and squirrels in his garden.

As we walked back down to the clubhouse, we saw a member of the club giving some tuition to a bunch of youngsters.  This was good to see for the future of the club.

golf lesson

We stopped at the Kilngreen on our way home to say hello to the resident heron…


…and then retired to Wauchope Cottage for a cup of tea and a fairy cake.

After Sandy went home, I had another quick stroll round the garden.

Michaelmas daisy. marigold and friend and a Shirley poppy
Michaelmas daisy, marigold and friend and a Shirley poppy

The Michaelmas daisy will be the first of many.

day lily
The day lilies haven’t arrived as regularly as they should have.
Because this clematis blooms on the vegetable garden side of the fence, it doesn’t get the notice that it deserves.

When I went back inside, Mrs Tootlepedal drew my attention to a welcome returning visitor.

We haven’t seen a robin for quite a while

We enjoyed some of the Yetholm Gypsy potatoes with our tea.  They make excellent mash.  Sandy has tried some and thinks that he might put some in his own garden next year.

The flying bird of the day was a duck that passed us while we were talking to the heron.

flying duck










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32 thoughts on “On course

  1. I have several favourites in today’s post: the blue tit – such a cute wee thing; the word “foozle” – new to me but it sounds usable in many situations; the duck – lovely colouring!

  2. Love the photos. I always wanted to play golf. We have a dearth of Robins as well. I always saw them when we were young but I can’t remember when I last saw one of these pretty little birds. Our robins are black and white with scarlett breast plumage. I suppose it’s mans encroachment onto their native habitats as well as bad animal owners letting cats etc roam free that have led to this predicament.

  3. It’s interesting how different your robins look from ours. Ours have longer necks and ruby red breasts, and the red coloring doesn’t go up onto the head. We have them by the dozens from spring through fall.

  4. Great golfing shots of Dropscone and others. You have excelled yourself with the flying duck!

  5. What a splendid blog today, full of varied and interesting pictures. I liked the flying bird of the day.

    It was good to read that are feeling fitter in both legs and lungs, well done for persevering.

  6. The bee on the cosmos is quite beautiful. You should enter that in the next photo contest because I’m sure it would win. I quite like the duck too. What a pity about the bridge fixing photos, I’d quite like to know how it’s done because there isn’t a lot of it going on round here 🙂

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