Light headed

Today’s picture was taken on the hill above the town by my recorder playing friend Susan.

Susan rocks

It was a quiet, grey morning and still quite warm.  I had to go to the health centre after breakfast for a regular check up and when I got home, I had time for a quick walk round the garden.  I caught up with a couple of old friends which were managing to bring a bit of brightness to a dull day.

_DSC7311 (2)


Bruce arrived with tales of strange growths in the park.  Mrs Tootlepedal and I were going out for a pedal so we started by visiting the park.  There were indeed some unusual growths to be seen.

They looked as though dogs or children had given them a hard time.

I don’t know what they are but I didn’t fancy picking and eating one.

A close up

Pausing only to admire the planting round the war memorial in the park…

War memorial

…we pedalled off up the Wauchope road to do the Barnglieshead triangle, a 14 mile undulating trip.

Our journey was uneventful and I only stopped once to take pictures.  It was not a day for great views….

A view down to the Solway
Looking down to the Solway

…but the quiet back road was a pleasure to cycle along.

Barnglieshead road

We got back in time for me to have a quick lunch and then go off to the tourist information point at the Kilngreen.  My two hours were only disturbed at the rate of one enquiry an hour and after an ice cream from the van in the car park and a nod to the heron…


…I came home.  I was hoping to go and see Dr Barlow ringing some birds at the Moorland Feeders but the wind had got up quite a lot and the sun had come out.  Bright sunlight and a brisk wind make the nets all too visible to the birds so the ringing was cancelled.

I walked round the garden instead.

I noticed a late knautia lurking behind a shrub…


…and I took a picture of a rather distrait rudbeckia.  Their blooming habit can best be described as higgledy-piggledy, reminding me of the snakes in Medusa’s hair.


I stood waiting for some birds to arrive at the feeder in the sunshine but none came so I took a photo of the little sunflower beside the feeder instead.


I was hoping to see some butterflies but there were none.  Perhaps the wind was too brisk for them.  Looking for something to do, I mowed the middle lawn and that cheered me up.

I went inside and of course the birds came to the feeder.

A successful landing

After tea, Mrs Tootlepedal kindly cut my hair and we settled down to watch the highlights of the Vuelta.  It was not one of the most exciting stages that I have seen.

Altogether, it has been a rather quiet, uninspiring day today with not much accomplished.

A chaffinch arrived through the nicotianas as flying bird of the day.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

12 thoughts on “Light headed

  1. After the excellent day that you had earlier in the week, an average day probably does seem to be a “rather quiet, uninspiring day”, but I assure you that a few of us find inspiration in all of your posts.

    1. To anyone else but you, I would say that you ought to get out more but as I know that you get out a lot, all I can do is to thank you for your kind words which are much appreciated.

  2. Every time I see your sunflower photos I curse myself for not planting some this year. Every I say I will and every year I do t get round to it. Next year I really will.

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