A false start

Today’s picture comes from my sister Susan, who has been in Paris.  She was, as they say, where the balloon went up.

la nacelle is the wicker basket suspended under the balloon
la nacelle is the wicker basket suspended under the balloon

Dropscone was off at one of his elderly gentlemen’s golf tournaments so I had a leisurely breakfast which morphed almost seamlessly into coffee and biscuits with a short break for garden strolling in between.

peacock butterfly
A peacock butterfly dwarfs the daisy on which it has settled.
Two long-standing violet residents of the summer garden: geranium and viola

As Mrs Tootlepedal got ready to go the funeral of one of her embroiderers’ group in Newcastleton, I got the speedy bike out and set off to do a circuit taking in Kennedy’s Corner.  Mrs Tootlepedal and I had  been impressed by the recently renovated road surface when we rode up the hill after our cream tea on Sunday so I was going to try it going downhill in the opposite direction.

The forecast had offered the possibility of light rain almost all day but it was dry enough when I set out.  After three  miles though, the clouds began to look very threatening and I discovered that I had forgotten to pack my rain top.  I was pedalling into a brisk breeze so
it wasn’t much of a hardship to whizz back home downwind and start the whole trip again.

The wind eased a bit and I was taking things easily so I enjoyed myself.  I only stopped once to add to my collection of local bridges near Waterbeck.  Two streams meet at the bridge.

Hotts burn
Hotts burn

Bridge at Between the waters

Kirtle Water
Kirtle Water

The road down the hill to Chapelknowe turned out to be rather bumpy when taken at speed on the speedy bike in spite of the new surface but by the time that I had got to the flat at Chapelknowe, the wind had become decidedly vigorous.  Luckily, it was straight behind me now and I had a lot of help from it on my way home.  Those interested can find details of the route by clicking on the map.

garmin route

For some reason today, my smart Garmin device couldn’t get a signal until I had gone for nearly a mile.  This is the first time this has happened and there seemed to be nothing in the weather to make it happen.  I am baffled.

As I cycled back into Langholm, I passed Mrs Tootlepedal in the car.  She gave me a cheery wave as she went on her way to help with the driving for the disabled.

Once home, I took a quick look out of the kitchen window….

A chaffinch checks for room at the feeder
Not a lot of space among the scrapping sparrows

…and then I practised heavy relaxation for the rest of the afternoon.  I felt that I ought to look as though I had been doing something though so after a good sit down, I cycled up to the High Street to get fresh supplies of soap, coffee and cheese and to buy a new potato peeler. Then with good timing, I managed to be outside and mowing the front lawn when Mrs Tootlepdal returned.

Once out in the garden, the call of the flowers sent me back in to get a camera, even though it was a bit too windy for sensible photography.

shirley poppies
A contrast in centres among the Shirley poppies
Nasturtiums held the evidence of a light shower earlier in the day.
cosmos colour
Cosmos colour

After tea, I went off to the Archive Centre with Sandy and Jean where Jean and I managed to put two weeks of the index into the database while Sandy did some research into the Town Bridge for Laura from whom I had bought the soap earlier in the day.  She joined us for a well earned refreshment on the Douglas.

The flying bird of the day was a greenfinch, making a change from the recent procession of sparrows and chaffinches.









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21 thoughts on “A false start

  1. The Tootlepedals had a busy day – no wonder you had to exchange waves as you passed in the road! The magnifying water droplet in the center of the nasturtium is lovely.

  2. I think that all GPS devices get the hiccups from time to time, the one I have does often enough. I do like the presentation that yours creates, it’s much nicer than the DeLorme unit that I have.

    The stone bridge is another wonderful example of the craftsmanship that has died, and we will be the worse off for that.

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