Today’s picture shows a curious building which my brother Andrew tells me is Queen Victoria’s tea house at Frogmore, which he visited not long ago.  I just have my tea in a mug.

Queen Victoria's tea house at Frogmore

The year is in a sort of pause mode at the moment.  The temperature is still quite warm and  summer-like but the weather looks and feels like autumn with grey skies and brisk winds.  It is neither one thing nor the other.

I put my rain top on when I set off with Dropscone for a turn round the morning run and this kept the rain away successfully.  It tried a few spots every now and again but seeing my bright red jacket, it realised that it was wasting its time and stopped. The strong wind and tired legs held me back a bit but we only added a couple of minutes to our recent times.

Dropscone had brought drop scones not girdle scones to go with the coffee and, disgracefully, we had managed to eat them all by the time that Arthur came round to join us.  He was late because he had had a frustrating morning recording the newspaper for the blind and so I gave him a biscuit which cheered him up a bit.

After he and Dropscone had left, I did a bit of business and before I knew it, it was lunchtime and I hadn’t even got the camera out.  There was more business to be done after lunch and I didn’t walk round the garden until three o’clock.  It was still very grey and windy, not good conditions for taking pictures of soggy flowers swaying in the breeze.  It didn’t stop me trying.

If we get a still, sunny day, I expect this plant to attract some butterflies.

The first of the sedums to come into flower.
The nasturtiums seem to be getting more colourful every day
Alchemilla Mollis
An Alchemilla Mollis showing that it can retain raindrops too.
The wind and wet hasn’t put off the bees. Here is one clinging to a cosmos.

The leaves of the cosmos plants seem to be being attacked by something bad and look as though they are dying.  This will be sad because they have been doing so well.  Mrs Tootlepedal is baffled.

A hopeful rose. I don’t rate its chances highly.
pink phlox
A pink phlox laughs in the face of rain.

The marigolds also seem to shrug off wet and windy weather.


I managed to mow the grass round the greenhouse but the drying green was so soggy and wet that I had to give up half way through and I will try again tomorrow.

It wasn’t a day for bird pictures either but I was impressed by the fortitude of the sparrow on the left in this picture.

tough sparrow

In spite of being trampled on by a chaffinch and shouted at by a siskin, it stolidly continued to munch on its seed until they both flew off.

I was able to catch one or two birds standing very still.

chaffinch, coal tit and greenfinch
Chaffinch, coal tit and greenfinch

In the evening, I went by myself to the Buccleuch Centre to watch the celebrated singer and guitarist John Renbourne give a concert.  He is often described as a folk blues guitarist and he certainly gave us both folk and blues.  His finger picking technique is still amazing but his performance didn’t hit the spot for me tonight.  Every tune was taken at a cracking pace and I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of notes  crammed into each very small moment of time.  In the end everything sounded a bit the same and to make matters worse, my foot never got tapping as his rhythms were idiosyncratic to say the least.

I was pleased to have gone to hear him but disappointed not to have enjoyed myself more.

I think that that the continuing mild pain in my back is making me a bit crabby.  It certainly affected my enjoyment at the concert. I couldn’t even find a flying bird today.









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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

18 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Gorgeous flowers – the colours and patterns are remarkable. The weather in this corner of the Canadian prairies sounds similar to yours. Despite a very hot spell of late, there’s a distinctly “fallish” feeling to things.

    Sorry about the ongoing back issues – constant pain is very wearing – you’ve a right to be a bit grumpy!

  2. So sorry that you are still having problems with your back, constant pain is very tiring. Lovely garden pictures again including another shot of rain drops on a leaf, magic!

  3. Very much enjoyed the rain bespattered flowers. Lots of sympathy re your bad back. Mine has been niggling away for over a week, not as bad as yours though.

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