Party time

Today’s picture shows an enterprising street musician in Mansfield, snapped by my brother on his way home from his recent tour.

Mansfield Street music

A rather  brief blog today as I was out at my neighbiur Liz’s birthday party until late.

I fiddled away the morning doing this and that…and of course occasionally looking out of the window.  It was a glorious but rather windy day and as I have got within a mile or two of my 500 mile target for the month, I don’t get a bicycle out at all.  I did admire the garden from two upstairs windows though.

The front garden

The middle lawn

As you can see, things are growing well.  There are a great number of small flying things in the garden this year and sometimes it looks as though almost every flower has a friend of some sort.

bee on sedum
A bee investigates the early flowers on a sedum
matching bees
Matching bees on cosmos
marigold with flies
A marigold with two friends
cosmos with white butterfly
No painted butterflies today
Shirley poppy
I did find one Shirley poppy with no insect.  The other had two to make up for this.
sweet pea
Our sweet peas aren’t attractive to insects to the same extent as the other flowers.

One of my two fuchsias has taken a sudden notion to produce more flowers.  The other one, six feet away, has produced nothing but new leaves.  I just hope these buds get time to open.  It was quite chilly today but we are promised a return to warmer weather next week.


Mrs Tootlepedal grew a dahlia for cutting but for one reason or another, it has been left to get on with it uncut.  It is thriving.

The product of benign neglect

She was quite excited to see a freesia blooming in a quiet corner of a bed in the vegetable garden….


…but she would have been more excited if she had discovered more of them.  This was the only one of fifty plants which came as a bonus freebie with a plant order.

In the afternoon, I went to Carlisle to select and collect some more music for our choir with our musical director.  He arrived before me and had picked all the music he wanted without any help from me.  I was allowed to wait for it to be packed up and to take it home in the back of my car though.  I made sure that I didn’t left any heavy boxes.

I did a little shopping while I was in town and was extremely restrained in my purchases until I was mugged by some well matured cheese in one of the aisles.  these things happen.

When I got back, I finished mowing the drying green and rested before going out to Liz’s party. During the day, the weather had swapped between very sunny in Langholm and rainy when I was in Carlisle.  I caught a blackbird in a sunny moment in the morning.


And got a fleeting shot of a coal tit in the afternoon.

coal tit
They nip about at great speed.

I didn’t take my camera to the party and as my phone is far too old to have a camera on it, you will have to imagine the scenes of decadence and riotous entertainment at the golf clubhouse.  Suffice it to say that regardless of the state of my back, Mrs Tootlepedal and I danced both the Dashing White Sergeant and  Strip the Willow as well as consuming some small sausage rolls and several glasses of orange juice.  That should give you an idea of how a 70 year old’s birthday can be celebrated in style.  It was most enjoyable and we had a good time chatting to friends while not dancing.

I managed to catch a flying bird in the better light today.












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19 thoughts on “Party time

    1. They are good. If only we could guarantee similar weather every year, I’m sure Mrs Tootlepedal would plant more. They have to be dug up and taken inside over the winter though so they are a bit of trouble to look after.

  1. I had to research the dances and found numerous videos on YouTube – if your performance was anything like those I watched, either your back must be better, or it’s about to get a whole lot worse!

    1. My back did quite well but my ankle was not too pleased about the whole dancing thing. However it was worth it as it is a poor effort to go to a party and not dance.

  2. Well done to you and Mrs Tootlepedal for doing those enjoyable dances.
    Great pictures of the garden and the immaculate lawns!

  3. The aerial view of the garden is lovely and I’m quite jealous of your well manicured lawn. That sounds like my kind of party, no alcohol (I’m not a fan) a little dancing and chatting with friends, not to mention the sausage rolls 🙂

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