Nothing much

Today’s picture is another from my brother’s trip.  It shows the market square in  Mansfield, an inland town.  Strange.

Mansfield Market Square

We had another cool, grey day today which suited my mood as I had a slow, idle day myself.  The record of what I did can be summed up very briefly.  Nothing.

Well I pushed the mower across the middle lawn but that only takes ten minutes at the most  and I printed out some pictures for the Benty show next week  but that was the full extent of my activity.  What I did for the rest of the day was to sit around either in front of the computer or the telly.  This meant that I did get to watch a very entertaining stage of the Vuelta.

I took the camera out for a very short walk in the garden.

My favourite flower

Mrs Tootlepedal has a very nice short yellow crocosmia growing which she is going to have more of next year.   It is a difficult flower to catch close up as the bright colour confuses the auto focus and my eyes are so dull that I find using the manual focus hard.  I had to stand back a bit to catch it and this meant including a post which is there to serve some gardening purpose.

yellow crocosmia

She has cleared some growth in front of the clematis on the back fence so that it can give full value.


Our cosmos plants are under attack and she has asked me to put a picture of the damage up to see of any reader can offer diagnosis or cure.

Cosmos damage
The first signs and a the results a few days later.

In the evening, we were watching a wildlife programme which claimed that sparrows are becoming very scarce.  They should get their camera up here.

We have sparrows by the barrow load.

I got my little spreadsheet to add up my cycling miles for the year so far and it revealed that I have cycled 377 miles in the company of Mrs Tootlepedal, 980 miles with Dropscone and 1898 miles with only myself for company.  This gives me a total of 3259 miles for the first two thirds of the year.  This is nearly on course for my secret target of 5000 miles for the year.  It’s a secret so that if I don’t achieve it, I can tell everyone that I was only really trying for 4000 miles.

If we get cold, icy weather in November and December, it stops me cycling so I am keeping my fingers crossed for light winds and not too much rain in September and October. In three of the last four years and even when I was fully fit, I couldn’t manage to cycle more than 100 miles in December.  Once, the grand total was nil miles.   This may well mean that the 5000 miles is only a faint hope but a man can  dream.

Considering that I only managed 3400 miles in the whole of last year, I am very pleased with how things have gone so far this year.

I hope to be back to my perky self next week.

I have put today’s flying bird in a fuller context than usual.








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24 thoughts on “Nothing much

  1. For some unfathomable reason I have a mental image of speccy twins from Fife on bikes, just to be the one who proclaimed this tae yew 😀

  2. Don’t worry, your secret goal is safe with me.

    I’m not an expert, but I believe that it is a mildew attacking the cosmos. I seem to remember that they are prone to mildew, as they are originally from a dry climate. Which mildew, I can’t say, nor can I offer a treatment. If it were me, I’d use the same stuff that I used on roses to prevent mildew, if you do treat your roses.

  3. Your favorite flower is spectacular. I do like the flying bird in larger context – the blurred flowers create a wonderfully colorful dappled backdrop.

  4. Your “nothing much” would take me a week to put together. I think sometimes it’s good to take a day off anyway. Your favorite flower is something else. And I have been hearing this about House Sparrows for a while but here it is hard to imagine, they have really taken over the urban areas of the U.S. At least for now they dominate my yard.

    1. It seems the heavily human populated areas, with their gardens paved over for car parking and the streets full of pollution are causing the trouble here.

  5. FYI: Your biking total so far this year is just shy of being equal to biking clear across Canada! The fuchsia is lovely.

  6. I was going to comment about the Cosmos, saying I sometimes get white-ish leaves on mine, but it seems yours has become much worse. Oh dear.

    Consider your last ten blog entries well liked by me. I usually read them late at night on my iPhone wordpress app and then am soothed into dreams of gardens and border countryside. But the app has been crashing repeatedly despite an update. Today I caught up just reading them in the iPhone browser, but could not comment or like.

    Will start reading them on the computer as the photos are prettier when larger and I can pin them to Pinterest this way.

  7. Sorry you are still feeling seedy and hope for better things soon.
    Are your sparrows the same as the ones they were talking about on the TV I wonder.
    Very pleased to see how far you have already cycled this year, the cycling in France ought to help with your grand total.

  8. Do hope you feel more energetic after your restful day. The bicycling totals sound very encouraging.
    The clematis seems to be doing particularly well.

  9. That beach in the market square is very odd indeed, mind you I wouldn’t complain if we had one here, I could dip my toes in the sand during my lunch break. I was thinking some kind of mould or mildew on the cosmos, my forget me nots used to go the same way but they always came back the next year and were wonderful in early spring. That is an impressive distance to cycle, maybe I should start keeping track of my miles walked again. 🙂

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