Another birthday

It was my middle sister Mary’s birthday today and the picture of the day shows her modestly raising a glass to herself in reply to a toast.

Mary raising a glass

We could have done with a bit of her London sunshine today as we had yet another grey day here.  It was quite a bit warmer than yesterday though so we weren’t complaining.  Dropscone was off golfing and I took the chance of a little more resting.  I did put the time to good use though.

Some days ago, I made a careless mistake in dealing with the archive’s newspaper database and instead of correcting an error, I made it three times worse so today I went up to the Archive Centre and with some help from fellow archivist Sandra, we got the problems fixed.

On my way home, I bought a large bunch of flowers for our neighbour Liz.  Mrs Tootlepedal and I took them across and presented them to her as, in spite of her birthday party being on Saturday, her actual birthday was today.

I had thought that Sandy had returned to work at college after the summer holidays but he rang up to say that he hadn’t started yet and we arranged to meet for an outing.  As soon as he arrived, it started to rain so we had a cup of coffee instead.  By the time we had finished a couple of cups, it had stopped raining so we took a walk along Easton’s and Gaskell’s walks.  I had sandycam in my pocket and took a few pictures to illustrate the walk as we went.

Walking up for the river through the woods.
The brighter uplands beckon.
Walking up for the river through the woods.
I like the mist of leaves from the young saplings in an open wood.
This very smart stable has appeared since my last walk round here.
Stubholm road
The old road
View of Langholm
A view of Langholm from Stubholm bank
Rosebay willowherb
After a great run, the rosebay willowherb is almost over.

We had the sterling example of the New Hampshire Gardener in mind as we went along Gaskell’s and kept a sharp eye out for fungus.

They were not hard to see.  First we saw one….


…and then we couldn’t help seeing them.  They were everywhere.

At the base of trees…
…climbing up trunks…
…and embracing tree stumps
There were different varieties…
and different sizes and colours…
…different shapes…
….and some had been more eaten than others

It has been a good year for fungus.

The path we were walking along was showing an autumnal rather than a summer look.

The ground is recovering after the brutal clear felling of the wood on the left hand side

On our way home, we stopped to have a look for a slow worm under one of the shelters that have been put out for them.

slow worm
They are neither slow nor worms but legless lizards.

The clouds had been rather threatening throughout our walk but we got round dry and the sun even came out on Whita as we reached Caroline Street.

caroline street

It didn’t reach us.

I took a picture of a perching bird for my sister Susan….


…and was impressed by this bird’s impersonation of the Hooded Claw.


In the evening my flute pupil Luke came and we had a very satisfactory practice.  I am hoping that his parents will take him to a proper flute teacher soon so that she can help him with those points of technique (embouchure, tonguing etc) which I am not competent to teach him.

After tea, I went off with my flute and recorder to have a play with Isabel and Mike.  It was most enjoyable and after we had finished playing, Isabel kindly played the piano while I had a go at singing and gave me some useful advice.  Then Mike joined in and we gave a well known Italian aria a thoroughgoing bashing.  I am definitely learning to enjoy my singing.  I have some way to go before those listening can have the same pleasure.

I couldn’t do better than yet another flying chaffinch as flying bird of the day.















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16 thoughts on “Another birthday

  1. A particularly splendid perching bird today, thank you. I do enjoy your illustrated walks, what a massive display of fungi you walked passed.

  2. Liked the saplings in the wood picture. Yes, fungi are flourishing on my usual walks, but usually round the back of a tree where I cannot photograph them – your pictures are amazing.

  3. The slow worms look as though they’d been sprayed with gold paint – are they really that colour? Chuckled at the description of the last bird!

  4. The New Hampshire Gardner has me looking around for fungi too! Funny because I never really noticed them before. Looks like a lovely walk was had.

  5. Ah, more idyllic country path photos. Very nice. So much fungus! Over here we are nearing the end of the mushroom season. Can the cold months be far behind?

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