An old friend

Today’s picture was sent to me by Bruce.  It is not a flying saucer.   I am guessing that he is on a trip to Norway.

Briksdal Glacier near Olden, west Norway.
Briksdal Glacier near Olden, west Norway.

It was just 50° when I set out on the bike after breakfast and that wouldn’t have been too bad but a brisk north westerly wind certainly made it feel chilly and the wind was a lot stronger than the forecast had said that it would be, with some gusts heavy enough to make me hold on to the handlebars with a good firm grip.  Sadly, being quite deficient in the brain department, I started out too quickly into the wind and the rest of my journey to Waterbeck and back was hard work with my legs having the consistency and strength of tagliatelle.

I arrived home just as a visitor arrived.  This was Richard, an old friend from University days who last came to see us for our twenty fifth wedding anniversary party.   This was a good many years ago.

We sat down in the kitchen and caught up with twenty years worth of news and reminisced about fifty year old memories of student days.

Richard was always a lad of great ambition and we were lost in admiration both at how well he has done in life and how much he still remains the cheerful, unassuming and likeable fellow we knew in times past.

After lunch, we took him for a walk up Warbla so that he could admire our views.


In spite of the brisk wind, it was a lovely day and there was plenty of view to admire.  Of course we are all a bit older than we once were and he and Mrs Tootlepedal had to stop on the way up the track to have a rest and prop each other up.

Richard and Ally

After a short break, he returned the compliment by taking a picture of us.

Richard, photographer

He promises to email me the result and I hope it will appear in a later post.

It was from this track that I took the photo that I entered in the Benty show but there was no mist today to add interest.  I took several views from the top of Warbla and I have put a few in here with different effects from the photo editor.

plain view
heavily touched
A different shot of the same view quite heavily touched

Strangely enough, the more heavily filtered picture is probably more like the view that we thought we saw than the untouched one.

The most recent part of the town

Mrs Tootlepedal suggested a different way down the hill and although we didn’t have the right footwear for such rough ground, we agreed and battled our way down through tussocks and across boggy ground to Skipperscleuch.  I looked back at the summit and reflected that you don’t really notice the mast when you are right beside it.


I took one  last look at the town as we descended.


On our way down, Mrs Tootlepedal spotted this pretty wild flower.

warbla wild flower

We got down to river safely and walked back along the banks of the Esk with our wet socks squelching gently as we went.  Richard, who had been promised firm, dry tracks for his walk, took this in a very forgiving way.

Once back in the kitchen with our socks steaming gently, we enjoyed tea and Mrs Tootlepedal’s chocolate cake and more reminiscence and news.  We were joined by Dr Tinker, who had generously come to offer us a lift to Carlisle at the start of our forthcoming holiday which we accepted.

After a short break to wash any dirty socks, we set out for a meal at the Douglas with Richard.  This was well up to their usual high standard and as we sensibly avoided the temptation of a third course, we were able to walk home without staggering.  A cup of hot chocolate and some more conversation rounded off a most agreeable day.   The few words in this post don’t do anything like justice to the pleasure we have had in renewing our friendship with Richard.

With such an infrequent visitor in the house, I didn’t have the opportunity to stand staring out of the window for the length of time necessary to catch a flying bird but we did get a welcome visit from a robin which Richard spotted and drew my attention to.





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12 thoughts on “An old friend

  1. Cute bird at the end! Very interesting sample of photo retouching. A view often do look better in memory than a photo will show. Thank goodness for the ability to enhance! Langholm is such a pretty village and what fun to share it with a good old friend.

  2. Sorry about your legs, haven’t you heard of ‘pacing yourself’!
    Glad you had such a pleasant day with your friend from so long ago and loved the picture of the robin that you finished with.

  3. Glad you had such a pleasant day with an old friend, and good that he was able to enjoy some splendid views on your climb. Loved the robin.

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