This picture shows the only sun in the garden today.


I had a rather sedentary day today.  It started with more conversation and coffee with our friend Richard before he left to do some more catching up in Edinburgh.  Even after he had left, the miserable weather kept me indoors and after lunch I had to go and spend two pointless hours in the tourist information point with an unsurprising absence of tourists considering the horrible day.  Luckily I had two crossowords to do and some newspaper reading to catch up on so I wasn’t bored.

I went down to the riverside when I had locked up, as the rain had stopped for a while.  I was going to take a picture of the ducks having  a snooze but as soon as I got my camera out of my bag, they mistook me for someone who was going to feed them and I was nearly mobbed.

duck rush

When I got home, I wandered round the garden and added to my collection of flower pictures taken in both wet and dry moments.

dry poppies
Dry poppies, Icelandic and Shirley
wet poppies
Wet poppies Icelandic and Shirley

I was just looking with admiration at the small espalier Charles Ross, which has a fine crop on it……

Charles Ross

…when by coincidence, our local cider maker turned up.  He had pruned our apple tree last year and had come to pick the crop for his cider making.  He was pleased with the crop….

cider man

…but he expects it to be much better next year now that the tree is in good shape.  He will come back in a few weeks and give it another pruning.  He has promised us a a bottle of apple syrup as a reward for letting him have the apples.  We will have more than enough apples for ourselves to eat off Mrs Tootlepedal’s three espaliers along the fence.

He was complaining that cider making was a  hard business but as he had just returned from taking some of his products to an agent in Germany, he must be doing quite well.

Through the day, I glanced out of the kitchen window from time to time although the light was very poor.

chaffinch in the rain
A typical moment
chaffinch and siskin
A chaffinch under attack from a siskin.
There are more siskins about
There are more siskins about

I found a dryish moment to mow the middle lawn but the shorter days and cooler weather are slowing the grass down and the pure joy of a crisply carpeted lawn has probably gone for the year now.   Still, the autumn is a time for maintenance and preparation for that distant hope of a perfect lawn for three days in the middle of summer next year.  It will be spiking and sanding soon.

I noticed that the marigolds which are planted behind the nicotiana and cosmos are just about coming into view at last.

end of the drive

In the evening, we went to our choir and sang some carols with our musical director Sean.  I find these quite hard as I haven’t sung them in parts before so every one is a learning experience.  I got to conduct the second half of the practice which I enjoyed thoroughly.

The flying bird of the day is a back view of one of those freshly arrived siskins.

flying siskin






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27 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. So nice that bit of sun in your garden, Tom, and I love the espaliered apple tree. That mob of ducks did look menacing! I would be sad about the end of summer, but now with our cooler weather coming I will be able to move all my fruits up to the mountain. Hard work, but profitable with time.

  2. As much work as you’re putting into the lawns, you should get at least four good days next year. You could invite the ducks over to your place to have a little free fertilizer delivered.

  3. Love those ducks, that usually happens to me at Millers Pond, every time I sit on the bench to take forgot of them they come dashing over because they think I have bread.

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