Teething troubles

Today’s picture shows a very neatly stacked pile of Swiss firewood spotted by Dropscone’s sister Elizabeth while in the country.

Zurich Sept 2013 013

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work again and I managed to stick to my plan and put the speedy bike in the back of the car and drive to Annan without any interruptions.  I had two hours to kill in Annan while waiting to pick up a package so I drove on to the Golf Hotel at Powfoot and had a cup of coffee and did the crossword while looking our over the Solway…


…and waiting for a light  but persistent drizzle to stop.

Eventually things dried up and  managed a short ride to Ruthwell Church and village.  WhenI got back to the Powfoot turning, I still had a little time in hand so I added a couple of miles and got my total up to just under 13 miles.  This was perfect timing and I was bang on time to pick up my package and head for home.

I had the phone cam with me on the bike and took it out to see what it could do.

Ruthwell Church
Ruthwell Church. I didn’t have time to visit the Celtic cross inside today.
hedge webs
The hedges were bejewelled with sparkling webs

Once home, I had to settle down to some serious work in getting pictures ready for the Langholm Show tomorrow.  In the end, I managed to find and print fifteen pictures, some of which were quite pleasing (to me at any rate).  I am hoping to pick up a couple of third places if I am lucky as the competition will be quite hot.  Since we are going away for the day tomorrow, Sandy has very kindly offered to take the pictures in and fetch them back again.  He is taking in an embroidery by Mrs Tootlepedal too and we have great hopes for it.

Naturally, as I was stuck indoors working, the sun came out and it developed into a lovely afternoon.  I put the computer down and went for a quick walk in the garden.

virginia creeper
The Virginia creeper was on fire
yellow flowers
Yellow flowers shone in the sunshine
The last of the purple phlox
The cosmos are almost over too.

Signs of the morning rain were all around.

Nasturium leaf
Taken with the phone
watery web
A watery web taken with the Nikon

I was just bemoaning the lack of butterflies on such a lovely day when first a white butterfly appeared….

white butterfly

…and then a red admiral caught my eye on a Michaelmas daisy.  They have been so rare this year that I have indulged myself and put in a few pictures of it.

Red admiral

Red admiral

Red admiral

Red admiral

The forecast is quite good for a few days so maybe I will see more butterflies soon.  I love the way that they sip nectar through a straw.

There were birds as well as flowers and butterflies in the garden.

chaffinch perching

Pausing to take a final shot with the phone…

sunny garden
It seems to like the greens a bit too much.

…I went back in and got on with the work.

In the evening, Mike and Alison came and Alison and I battled our way through some nice pieces and although we were both a little short of practice, we had our usual enjoyable time.

I couldn’t decide which of two chaffinches should be flying bird of the day so I have put them both in.

flying chaffinch

flying chaffinch

I have posted pictures from our second day of cycling in Languedoc on on a new page.  You can see them here.









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17 thoughts on “Teething troubles

  1. The new phonecam seems to be doing extremely well. Hope photographs for the competition and Mrs. T’s embroidery carry off prizes. The michaelmas daisies and butterflies are very impressive. I have dome of the daisies in my garden but not the butterflies!

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