Today’s guest picture comes from Bruce who is obviously still  having a good time in Norfolk..  He found this friendly cafe in Wells-next-the Sea.

dog cafe

I made a serious effort not to do anything to make my cold worse today.  The very strong wind may also have helped me to avoid the temptation to go cycling.  This gave me no excuse to put off entering a couple of weeks of the newspaper index into the database so after some classic avoiding action, I settled down and did it.

This has hardly made a dent in the backlog so perhaps a continued spell of the cold would be no bad thing.

I did spend a little time staring out of the window and there was a lot of busy birds visiting the feeder to be seen.


I managed to squeeze three flying birds of that one shot.

Straight ahead

It’s not often that you can get three flying birds with one shot.

Overseeing all this action was a sceptical chaffinch in the plum tree.


The lawns could have done with a mow but following my resting policy, I left them to grow unimpeded.

Mrs Tootlepedal flitted in and out of the house during the day, going to work in the morning and the dentist in the afternoon and managing to get in a little gardening later on.  I picked a few raspberries and some brambles and she made another delicious mixed fruit crumble for our tea.  My  scientific diet programme insists that cream is compulsory when eating crumble so it was lucky that we had some in the fridge.

To give myself a break from sitting in front of the computer, I popped out on flower hunts from time to time.

Shy primroses in a late show
Hard to miss rudbeckia

Little blue flower

You can tell that time was hanging on my hands as I used a filter to turn this nameless little blue flower into an ersatz art work.

Little blue flower

These nerines look better every day
virginia creeper
The colour in the Virginia creeper doesn’t last long

Throughout the day chaffinches were trying to make flying bird of the day.  I ignored them.


I spent some time on preparing the pictures for the last cycling day (day 5) of our recent  tour of the Languedoc and they can be found  here.  You can jump to a particular day by clicking on the links at the top of the page.    Our visit to the famous aqueduct at Pont-du-Gard was the highlight of the whole trip from a sightseeing point of view.

I was just getting ready to go to Carlisle to play with the recorder group in the evening when I fortunately remembered in the nick of time that it had been cancelled.  This saved me having a bad conscience as I probably shouldn’t have been going there and spreading germs about in the first place.

The flying bird of the day was a greenfinch.










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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

22 thoughts on “Recuperating

  1. I enjoy this blog with your wonderful photos.
    Disfruto este blog con tus maravillosas fotos.

      1. Just catching up with your blog this morning (our time) and I see your response. Yes. it’s supposed to be Spring. In fact it is spring. But we are getting temperatures of 30c degrees and more so goodness knows what summer will bring so I’ve been over to the allotment this week to cover it with a good layer of straw mulch for protection against the worst of the heat.

  2. Thanks for putting your French Tour on the blog, i really enjoyed following you round. Loved all today’s pictures especially the ersatz art!

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