Today’s picture, taken yesterday,  shows Mrs Tootlepedal with her handicraft cup from the Langholm Show.


It was just as well that I took the cup picture yesterday as it was a horrible day today, with constant wind and rain and my hopes that a little bit of exercise yesterday would make me feel better were dashed as well so it made for a very dull day for writing a photo diary.

My sole activity was palely loitering around the house in my dressing gown, honing my already highly advanced amateur moaning skills up to near professional standards.

I did hold the camera in my trembling hand for long enough to see a sparrow trying a gourmet fat ball….


…and a chaffinch sheltering in the plum tree….


…and that was the sum total of my activity.    If the cold isn’t any better by tomorrow, I will go and seek medical advice to see if I need to modify my pharmaceutical intake for the time being.  It’s not that I am in serious difficulty in any way at all, it’s just that being stuck indoors with nothing to do is really boring….and for Mrs Tootlepedal too.

Still musn’t grumble.

Sandy had lent us his slow cooker and Mrs Tootlepedal had a go at making a lamb stew with it but for some unknown reason it didn’t turn out very well.  This hasn’t dampened her enthusiasm for getting one of her own though.

In  response to a huge demand from disappointed flying chaffinch fanciers, here are not one but two flying birds of the day in the rain.

flying chaffinch

Flying chaffinch

Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

23 thoughts on “Undressed

  1. So sorry you are still feeling poorly . With the weather being so tiresome as well life must be a trifle tedious. Nice picture of the talented cup winner plus my favourite perching bird.

  2. You manage to accomplish more in one day even when you’re not feeling well than I do in an entire week. Love the pictures and the narrative, and hope you are on the mend… I too love the Chaffinch photos and wish Shakespeare had mentioned Chaffinches in his plays, then we might have them too.

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