Today’s guest picture shows a friendly lion which Bruce encountered at the Railway World Cafe in Peterborough.

peterborough lion

We are currently stuck under a layer of thick grey cloud which would not be encouraging me to go out and take pictures even if I was feeling on tip top form (which I am not).

The morning gloom was lifted by a visit from Dropscone who had brought a batch of his fine treacle scones to try to cheer up the invalid.  They worked up to a point and I got enough energy up to book an appointment with a doctor later in the day.

From the reports circulating, it would seem the half the town is under the weather at the moment with colds and sniffles so perhaps I should be glad that I am at least up and about.

The rain had stopped by the time that Dropscone had left after coffee and I had a quick look to see if there was anything left in the garden.  Defying my predictions, two roses have made it into flower, each with another bud in the offing.

Crown Princes Margareta
Crown Princes Margareta defying the weather and blackspot
Lilian Austin
Lilian Austin in tears

Just to practise with the phone camera, I took a picture of the sedum and nerines around the bird feeders.


While this is not a great picture, it is considerably better than the one which had half my thumb in it.  I shall have to get used to knowing where the lens is.

On my way back into the house, I was out-stared by a plump chaffinch….


…which was too busy eating to move even when I was only three or four feet away from him.

In the afternoon, I had a cup of tea with Nancy, the Archive Group treasurer who had come round to collect two donations towards our funds which I had acquired from two generous fellows and then I went off to see the doctor.  After some consideration and listening to my chest, she decided that I might have a cold but nothing worse and gave me a prescription to use if I felt I might need it.  My kind of doctor.

This diagnosis has cheered me up a lot and I am fully intending to be much better by tomorrow.

In the evening, my flute pupil Luke came and played a couple of his test pieces for his forthcoming exam and showed that they are well within his ability to play.  Like mine, his breathing is not very brilliant and he finds it hard to play softly which requires very good breath control.  My Friday evening accompanist remarked politely the other week that I tended to play the flute too loud myself so I have been trying to play more gently.  Perhaps I have taught Luke bad habits.  We will try to improve together.  Sweet and low.

I didn’t go off to play with Mike and Isabel in the evening but got some music ready for the choir on Wednesday instead.

The flying chaffinch of the day comes in gloomy stacks.

stacked chaffinches


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20 thoughts on “Vertical

  1. I’m glad to hear you have nothing worse than a cold. I suspect we’ll be due for a round of them soon, since we are having unusually warm weather for October which will undoubtedly be followed by a sudden cooling. The result always seems to be rounds of headcolds for everyone..

  2. Glad the visit to the doctor left you feeling better rather than worse, good news. The one bonus for your viewers is that, when you are poorly, you put all these splendid pictures of your garden on the blog. For once I really enjoyed the flying birds. By the way, putting a bit of a finger in the picture is a classic happening when using a phone camera. I do it all the time.

  3. So enjoying getting up to date on your blogs. I am having a lovely time in France. Nikki and Adie have a new spotted dick dog who is learning very quickly what he should Or should not do! Ally, how are your Christmas things going forward. I am so enjoying your birthday present And love looking at it and thinking of all hours you must have spent.

    Love to you both, Mum (Mauri) Sent from my iPad M >

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