A shop and a cycle

Today’s guest picture is a giant head which my sister Mary encountered as part of an art fair in London.

Frieze Art Fair, Regent's Park 003

The forecast was very poor for the morning and Mrs Tootlepedal was out all day at an embroidery workshop so it it seemed like a good idea to take the opportunity to go shopping in Carlisle with Sandy for some photographic mount  boards and materials to make cards.  We found everything we needed and finished off with a bonus visit to Sainsbury’s where I acquired some fresh  fish which you can’t get in Langholm and topped up my cheese and coffee supplies.  You might think from reading my posts that my diet consists mainly of bread, cheese and coffee and you would be right.

The trees are beginning to turn and we hoped that after lunch, we might get out with the cameras but it started to rain very heavily so Sandy went home.  The rained stopped after a while but it was very grey so I popped out on the slow bike with the camera to take a few shots while I could.

I took a shot in the garden before I left.

An azalea

I went down to Skippers Bridge first,

autumn trees
On the way to Skippers
autumn trees
Looking upstream from the bridge
autumn trees
Looking downstream from below the bridge

I was urgently in need of a little sunlight to bring out the colours but it stayed overcast.  I cycled back through the town to the Kilngreen.

autumn trees
Looking back at the poplars in the park.

Then I went across the sawmill bridge…..

Lodge walks
The Lodge Walks are still very green

…and onto the Castleholm.



I cycled back home by way of Mary Street and looked across the river at this tree which was trying its best but was only partly successful.


Once home, I took a picture of a marigold just to get a little colour onto this post.


I had a little time to look out of the kitchen window at a coal tit and a blue tit.

coal tit and blue tit

The plentiful supply of food around is keeping our visitors to a bare minimum and while this is saving me money on bird food, it is leading to an ordinate number of chaffinch pictures.  Still I am trying to record daily life so here is yet another chaffinch.


I hadn’t been back long before  Mrs Tootlepedal came home from her workshop.  The rain which had been on and off was in a an off spell and she suggested a pedal round Potholm.  This is a 5 mile circuit using forestry tracks and quiet roads and makes a change from our usual expeditions up the Wauchope road.  She was in sparkling form and I was so busy trying to keep up with her that I only had time for one quick snap as we went round.

Tea time for cows

We were well sheltered from what wind there was and it was very mild as well so we thoroughly enjoyed our outing.   Being Saturday evening, we then cooked our tea and settled down to watch Strictly Come Dancing on the telly and this rounded off a pleasantly busy day.

The flying bird of the day, caught in one of the brighter moments, is a chaffinch.






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12 thoughts on “A shop and a cycle

  1. In the 1950s and 60s, my late uncle and aunty, Charlie and Florrie Antrobus, lived at Skipper’s Cleuch. Skipper’s Bridge marked the turn to Cronksbank Farm where my grandparents Jack and Lizzie Mitchell were tenants of the Duke of Buccleuch.

  2. I like the abandoned house by the river. Your trees are starting to show some color. I thought fall happened there when it did here but you are several weeks later this year by the looks of things.

  3. Try travelling further up the hill, the trees have more colour up here. Mind you I see you have plenty of colour on the footpaths on the High Street at the moment lol!

  4. The trees were very colourful and beautiful in their green way, even if not in full autumnal shades yet.

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