Today’s guest picture sent to me by Alix and taken by her daughter, shows Bowman, her shaggy dog, having reached the monument and wondering where the brandy is.


I start with a humble apology to Dropscone.  He reminds me that it was he and not Sandy who made the wise remark about Thomas Telford and the state of his road.

It will be one of my many less exciting posts today as it was an extreme;y unexciting day from the point of view of getting about or taking photos.  The rain was hammering down when we got up and continued to do so for the rest of the morning and even when it stopped, the day remained resolutely grey.

I slept well, got up late and found that happily my joints had recovered so I was in a cheerful mood in spite of the rain and I sat down to put two weeks of the newspaper index into the database.  That made me feel even cheerier.  We continue to get a steady trickle of enquiries from all over the world from people who have visited our Archive website.  These are mostly from people researching their family history and often come from Australia, Canada or the US where most of the emigrants from the Scottish borders went in the nineteenth century.  In one of the weeks that I looked at today though, the local paper did record a marriage in Buenos Ayres (sic) so the diaspora was widely spread.

Local people more often use the website to browse through the many thousands of pictures which Sandy has put online. We have had great support from people letting us digitise their family photo collections.

I have also bitten on the bullet and paid good money for a quality photo editing program.  Since I had time on my hands, I downloaded and installed it today and I have used it to process the few pictures which I took this afternoon.   It has a million and one things that it can do and I have discovered three of them so far.    I have had to buy a book to tell me about the other nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety eight tweaks.  I will have plenty to look at in the dark days of winter to come.

What it can’t do is make a grey day sunny.

I did get a moment to look out of the window in the gloom.  There was no sign of Mrs Tootlepedal’s brambling  but I was not surprised that it wasn’t flying about in the awful conditions.  Mostly we had the inevitable chaffinches.  The new photo editor provides some very easy to use frames so you may see a lot of them.


The chaffinches were very busy as usual.


And very argumentative too.


Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work in the afternoon and I went out into the garden when the rain had stopped and snapped a couple of damp flowers.

The marigolds are good at standing up to the rain.


One of the roses is still doing its best too.


I soon went in again and in the end spent most of the daylight hours crouched in front of my computer.

After tea, Mrs Tootlepedal and I went out with Mike and Alison to the opening of the art exhibition where Liz’s paintings, for which I had provided mounts and frames, were on show.  In all, they had 130 paintings in the exhibition of work from an art group which meets from time to time to share experience and get advice from the group leader.  Their time had been well spent because I really enjoyed the results.   They were for the most part very traditional water colours but done with great care and skill and just the sort of thing that I like to look at.

We didn’t stay long because the crush of people at the opening made it hard to actually look at the pictures.  Mike and Alison came back home with us and Alison and I enjoyed playing a few sonatas.  Alison has been on holiday in Wales and she bought a sonata by James Hook while there from the famous second hand bookshop in Hay on Wye.  Having played it through, I can safely say that it was money well spent.

In spite of the dull weather, I had a very good day.

The flying bird of the day is, of course, a chaffinch.


The non flying bird of the day is a duck which I took yesterday and forgot to put in the post.  It has a charming curl to its tail.



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17 thoughts on “Framed

  1. Great to see the photo of Bowman and it brings back so many happy memories of when he walked with us most Wednesdays before his master David’s knee problems. Bowman is a dog with real character and he used to walk in front of us all, but if anybody got a bit behind he would head back to round them up. It was usually Tom stopping for a call of nature and Bowman would rush back and make sure he was ok.

      1. Renfrewshire, i do believe but I still have to check my late mums geneology files because there is a very ancient photo of an old farmyard in Inchinen? as well.

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