Today’s picture comes from my ever travelling brother.  He is in Madrid with his wife at the moment.  He went to a concert with a modern piece of music based on some of the writing of Kafka.  He said that Kafka sounded a bit depressed but not as depressed as some of the audience who left during the performance muttering loudly as they went.  The joys of culture.

Philip IV
Philip IV

It was freezing again this morning and my chest was bad so Dropscone kindly brought round some scones to have without cycling first and that was the high spot on my day.  If I thought of going out, it started to rain and as soon as I went back in,  it stopped.  It was that sort of day.

I put another week of the newspaper index into the database and then checked my latest phone bill.

There was a mysterious extra £7 charge on it so I rang them up and asked what it was.  “Oh, that’s a mistake, it’s happened to lots of people,” they said, ” We’ll take it off again.”  You do tend to wonder if someone sits about in their office thinking of schemes like this.  “Let’s see what happens if we stick a bit extra on everyone’s bill and see how many notice.”  I wonder whether they would have corrected their mistake if I hadn’t rung them up.  I am not one of those who looks back with longing for the monolithic nationalised utilities of the past but whatever their faults, at least you didn’t think that they were actively trying to deceive you which seems to be the general  position of the large commercial utility companies of the present era.

You can tell that I’m a bit gloomy today.

All the idleness of the day gave me a lot of time to stare out of the window and whereas on some days, you have to wait for a flying chaffinch, today I couldn’t avoid them.

goldfinch and chaffinch
Goldfinches were still trying to put them off.
goldfinch and chaffinch
But they kept coming.
Often several at a time
Nothing could stop them today
They landed
They perched and eyeballed me
The rain didn’t put them off
blue tit
The blue tits waited patiently for them to go
And the greenfinches took to the fat balls

Altogether it was a very chaffinch heavy day.

There is a flower or two left in corners of the garden if you look very carefully and I was surprised to see a small section of one of the sedums looking quite fresh.


We have a little local autumn colour from an hydrangea against the wall of the house too.


I did make some sourdough bread and once again the plant incubator provided an excellent gentle heat to aid the rising and the whole process was very painless.

In the evening, I went to the Archive Centre with Jean and Sandy and Jean and I added another week to the newspaper database and for once, I collected less new data than I had put in during the week so I really am on top of the job at the moment.  Sandy spent his time making a display for the Archive centre window of some of the entries in our postcard competition.


I will put the winning entries on the blog when we get them from the printers and we see what they final results look like.

I am sorry for a rather perfunctory post but I am very tired for some reason.  It can’t be from taking exercise as I didn’t do anything all day so it must be, as Dropscone helpfully pointed out, just my advancing years.

The flying bird is…….wait for it…….yes, it’s a chaffinch.













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23 thoughts on “Tired

  1. On the other hand I do long for the days of the monolithic nationalised utilities. From here it looks like absolute common sense to run these in the interests of the public of this country and not for the interest and profit of the French state or the Spanish state or (insert whichever other country owns our privatised and stolen utilities).

    1. I don’t like the present system but I don’t like heavily centralised systems either. I would be more in favour of a system where strong local government tempered the excesses of either state or privately owned utilities…..and of course I would have maintained a strong state shareholding in any privatised concern in order to ensure that they were run for the benefit of the users.

  2. I hope you’re back to your energetic self again soon. I do admire how you don’t let anything stop you from doing the things you enjoy – when I’m not feeling well, I can’t budge from the house. The photos are wonderful, I love those tenacious chaffinches and the “feeder wars”! 😉

    1. It’s the downside to living in a pleasant green place. Still, the way I look at it is that it is only 42 days until the year has turned and we are on the upward slope again. Mind you, I’ll have to add another 90 days until we have more sun than dark.

  3. Sorry you are feeling glum and unwell. Better day tomorrow! At least your internet is working (as is mine at the moment – emphasis on moment!)

  4. I don’t think that people sit around in their office thinking of schemes like the mysterious extra £7 charge, I think that those charges are part and parcel of the way that companies do business these days. It seems like most companies try that, because most people don’t question the bills they receive. I don’t trust any of them.

  5. It sounds like we were both feeling tired and grumpy yesterday. Perhaps it’s the weather. Some blue skies wouldn’t go amiss, even if that does mean frost. Anyhow, I’m off to check my phone bill now…

  6. Sorry about feeling tired all day, very boring. However there were lots of splendid bird pictures for your blog readers and you are temporarily ahead in the data race. Hope today is better.

  7. Well done for reading your telephone bill properly and getting a rebate!
    Great bird pictures.
    Hope you feel more energetic soon.

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