A short walk

Today’s picture of beautiful sunshine in London was taken by my sister Mary after her usual game of tennis in Regent’s Park.  She sent it to me to make me envious of the lovely day there.

Queen Mary's Garden, Regent's Park

We almost had a lovely day here ourselves.  There was mist on the hills…

misty meikleholm

…but sun in the garden….

Dogwood brightening an autumn day

…and frost glinting on the leaves of a spirea…


…and on the grass of the lawn.

screaming blackbird
A blackbird complaining of frozen toes.

A blue tit wisely kept its feet well off the ground.

blue tit on peanuts (2)

But a collared dove looked as though it might be feeling the cold.

dove (2)

We are still waiting for the arrival of the bramblings, siskins and redpolls but there do seem to be more goldfinches every day.

goldfinch collection

It was too cold for cycling so I was pleased to welcome Sandy round for a cup of coffee while Mrs Tootlepedal was singing in the church choir and we agreed to go for a short walk afterwards.  Of course, by the time we got out, the sun had gone in and it was back to the chilly grey weather we are used to just now.  There was no wind though so it was pleasant enough for a well wrapped up walk.

We set off round Pool Corner and had to dodge out of the way as we were overtaken by a speeding cyclist.

Mrs Tootlepedal on the Manse Brae
Mrs Tootlepedal back from church and whistling up the Manse Brae

The larches on the bank were looking fine.

larch at Pool Corner

There was colour about on all sides.

berries (6)
Food for winter migrants.
Many shades of green and grey

We crossed the Auld Stane Brig and walked back to the town along Gaskell’s Walk. The falling leaves reveal views that have been hidden since spring came.

view of lasngholm and castle hill from gaskellsAnd I got a good view of the hill that I had walked up last Sunday.  I thought that it deserved a frame.

autumn view
A portrait of Autumn

The walk can’t be much more than a mile and a half, if that, but it offers a varied selection of views as you go.


The road to Murtholm

We were thinking of having a trip to see the starlings but the weather looked increasingly grey as we went along so by the time that we got back to Wauchope Cottage…

Wauchope cottage
Sadly, the cottage turns its back on the sun and in winter is rather gloomy inside downstairs.

…we had decided on staying in and watching the rugby instead.  Sandy has put some of his pictures from our walk on his blog.  You can see them here.

Sandy is going to have a stall at a craft fair next Sunday and he has kindly allowed me to try to sell some cards with bird pictures on behalf of the Archive group.  Making these cards has been a learning experience for me and I am progressing slowly but I hope to have enough cards to be worthwhile by next week.

It was lucky that I had plenty to do inside because it started to rain in a miserable sort of way after lunch and pretty soon the curtains were pulled and the weather shut out.

We bought a slow cooker when we were shopping on Friday and Mrs Tootlepedal used it to make a beef stew with vegetables yesterday.  It worked very well, which was lucky as there was enough stew to last for today and probably tomorrow as well,

The flying bird of the day is another chaffinch.

flying chaffinch (129)










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27 thoughts on “A short walk

  1. Loved the framed pictures. Good luck with the cards and enjoy using the slow cooker. Food is supposed to taste much better cooked slowly, the flavours get to mingle in the pot.

  2. Lots of lovely colours, and I am glad you had some sunshine. That bluetit picture must be a winning one?

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