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Today’s guest picture, from my brother Andrew, shows how to make the best of a dull wall.  This is the Birmingham Library (I think).


I had a busy day from start to finish and there was little time to use the camera and little light on another grey day to get a good picture when I did sneak a little bird time.  Here are the events of the day interspersed with the few pictures that I took.

The day started with an after breakfast 21 mile pedal with Dropscone.  In view of a very heavily gusting wind, we resorted to my favourite windy ride, a three lap trip of the seven miles it takes to get to Wauchope Schoolhouse and back.   The wind got stronger as we pedalled and we got slower but our appetite for scones was undiminished when we got back.  These were special scones as they were the first to be cooked on Dropscone’s new cooker, installed only yesterday.

A gathering of goldfinches

No sooner had he left after coffee, than I had to get my laptop and the Archive group’s digital projector ready for an after lunch talk in the Buccleuch centre by a railway expert about the Waverley Line.  This line used to run from Edinburgh to Carlisle but was closed in the Beeching cuts of the 1960s.  A section from Galashiels to Edinburgh is being relaid and will be reopened in 2015.  The speaker was very interesting on the history of the original closure and very informative about the reopened railway.  The laptop and projector worked very well and everything went smoothly which was a relief.

A collection of chaffinches

With hardly a pause for breath, I left after lunch and went to the Archive Centre where my friend Bruce, who coincidentally is a railway buff himself and had  figured in some of the photos during the talk, replaced a wall socket and plug which had been getting dangerously overheated.  He is very competent in matters electrical and in general, a very good fellow to know.

The nearest a robin got to the end of my lens all day.

I left the Archive Centre and walked a few yards up the road to the Town Hall gallery where the Art Club have an exhibition.  It was being looked after by my friend Jean who had a couple of nice pictures in the show.  One of them was taken from a photo of Sandy’s and a second photo of his was also featured in another artist’s work.

I went on from there to a shop in the High Street and negotiated a delivery of some of our competition winning postcards with the amiable proprietress.  She has some of my photos on display and told me that there had been an tentative enquiry from a potential purchaser.  I shall be very pleased if the purchaser becomes real.

chaffinch and goldfinch
A chaffinch and goldfinch combination

When I got home, it was too dark for any more photographing so I organised the AGM of the Langholm Archive Group instead.

Then it was time for tea and off to Carlisle with Susan for a meeting of our recorder group.  All six of us were present and we enjoyed a really good play ranging from an arrangement of The Twelve days of Christmas to a Kyrie by Bach by way of pavans, galliards and divisions by assorted English and continental composers.

As an added bonus, Sue brought me some sour dough starter as mine had inexplicably given up the ghost.  It looks good and a sour dough loaf should be in the oven soon.  This mixture has passed between us quite a lot.  Originally Sue’s son had made it and Sue gave me some.  I left mine in the care of a friend when we went off on holiday and she took one look at it and threw it away.  I got another batch from Sue and then had to return some to her when the person who was looking after her fridge while she was away on holiday, took one look at her batch and threw it away.  It is lucky that we have two batches.  I have to say that the mixture may look a bit unappetising from time to time but it works perfectly well.

I have reverted to a flying chaffinch as flying bird of the day.

flying chaffinch

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16 thoughts on “Full timetable

  1. Congratulations on the lap top and projector working well for the Railway talk.
    Very impressive framed pictures!

  2. I’m enjoying the sparks of color in these photos. We just got a foot of snow dropped on us and are now living in monochromatic land for the next six months. Which I do like, but it has its limitations.

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