Shuttered up

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by a Langholm exile in South Africa, is timely.  If you are as old as I am, you will have noticed that many of the ‘great and the good’ have suddenly acquired a wonderful ability to forget the past attitudes and positions of which is gate is a symbol.

robben island

Today could not have provided a more marked contrast to the pleasant sunshine of yesterday.  It was so dark when we woke up that it was hard to believe that the clock was telling the truth.  It was raining then and it rained for the whole of the rest of day in a relentlessly sullen manner.  The fact that it was still quite warm was just an insult.

I don’t think that we have had such a dark and gloomy day since I first started writing this diary because I can’t remember a day when it was impossible to take any photos of birds at all.

Luckily I had plenty to keep my mind off the weather with an early visit to my friend Arthur where I was able to declare his aged printer officially dead.  He went off to buy a new one to replace it and was rather disappointed to find that his defunct machine had no trade in value and the shop was not even interested in purchasing his unused ink cartridges from him.  He has many interests but keeping up with information technology is not among them.

I returned home in time to sample some delicious drop scones brought round by you know who.

Then I spent some time printing pictures and cards and then sticking one to the other to make Christmas cards.

Then I went round to Arthur’s once more to install his new printer.  Luckily it worked so he was able to sustain his rather misplaced faith in me as a man who knows about computer stuff.

Then it was back home again to print out carol sheets for the audience (if any) at our forthcoming concerts.

At this stage, I took the only photograph of the day.

fairy cake

While I was out, Mrs Tootlepedal had knocked up a tray of dainty fairy cakes to ward of the weather related blues.  They worked very well.

In the evening, I went with Jean and Sandy to the Archive Centre.  Sandy had been given a new set of photos to scan into our collection and Jean and I worked on the newspaper index.  We found that the data miners had not been at work during the week so we put a microfiche into the reader and did our own mining and I typed the results directly into the database.  It was interesting to read the full articles for once and not just the brief summaries that we usually see.

The weather forecast looks even worse, if possible for the next two days so the chaffinches may well fly past the window untroubled by snapping.

In the absence of a flying bird, I am putting in the robin which its fellow birds elected to represent them on the Christmas card for this  year.


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27 thoughts on “Shuttered up

  1. That’s a lovely shot of the robin, I’m sure it’ll look superb on your Christmas card. I can handle one dark, gloomy, rainy day, but I don’t care for strings of them. I hope you see sunshine again soon. We’ve got several inches of snow here and are expecting more over the weekend. 🙂

  2. If you had only one photo of the day, well then at least it was a sweet subject!
    Mrs. Tootlepedal is so good to you, Tom!

  3. Due to some miserable rain here, as well, I only took a few photos in the coffee shop today!

    Your prose is fine without photos, although I do love your photos.

  4. Your faith in the birds, allowing them to choose their representative for your cards was not misplaced, they made a fine choice!

    The weather there may not have been great, but at least you had rain, rather than snow.

  5. The robin will look good on your cards. I think we all get days like that, bad weather, nothing to see. Yesterday my only photos were of my microwave. Well the only ones worth publishing anyway, I took a couple more but it was so gloomy I might as well not have bothered!

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