Concerted action

Today’s guest picture shows the fine ferry that took Bruce over to Arran for his son’s wedding.


After yesterday’s extreme gloom, today offered us slightly modified gloom.  It was wet and cloudy but there was just enough light to see the birds on the feeder. They were tucking in.

busy feeder

It was still too gloomy to have much fun trying to catch a flying bird…

flying goldfinch

…and even the static birds weren’t much cop….


blue tit

…so I stopped.

I don’t know if the current wet weather has brought it on or not but I have had a couple of days of aching joints so I was quite happy to loll about for most of the day doing nothing until it was time to head off to Newcastleton for the third time this week for the first of our two choir concerts.

Newcastleton was looking very decorative with the trees in its main square bedecked with Christmas lights…


…and the church was looking bright and warm when we got there.

Newcastleton Church

The history of the churches of Newcastleton is long and complicated, there having been no less than five churches locally at one time.  The church we were in is the result of many amalgamations and is being run by a board of local people who were happy to host our concert as a joint fund raiser for them and us.  We were looked after very well and attracted a reasonable audience who gave every sign of enjoying their evening.

The choir sang well and we probably exceeded our expectations.  The congregation joined us energetically in four of the carols and we had two solo singers and a guest who recited two amusing pieces very ably so there was quite a varied programme.  We finished with a rousing rendition of White Christmas and I am happy to say that we had completed the whole concert including the interval in an hour and a half, quite long enough for any amateur music making.  I conducted a few of the simpler carols without knocking my music stand over once.

I took a flying chaffinch just to show the gloomy weather that it hadn’t completely shut us down.

flying chaffinch

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9 thoughts on “Concerted action

  1. Loved your post as always. If it is any consolation, we left a Christmas gathering at 8.30pm and the thermometer showed -20C. The dark days in Scotland lower the spirits but this bone -snapping cold still gets me down! I will never get used to it even though we have been in Canada for almost 40 years.

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