Today’s guest picture, kindly sent by Gavinn who chronicles his weekly walks on his blog, shows a horse trying its best to bite that hand that feeds it.


Today was full of activity but sadly not of a photographic variety. 

It started with a pre breakfast visit to the health centre for my monthly routine blood test and this was followed by a drive to the hospital in Carlisle for an eye examination.  Both these exciting events are related to my arthritis and both passed off most peacefully.  I had visited my local doctor with an irritated eye and she had worried a bit because eye problems may be a side effect of my condition and if they are, they need immediate treatment.  Hence the visit to the hospital.  Close examination by an ophthalmologist determined that this wasn’t a worry in my case and a few eye drops should be all that is needed.

I was driven home by my chauffeuse in a very cheerful mood.  The mood was enhanced by having found an excellent coffee shop selling a really interesting cup of coffee at a very reasonable price.  The coffee bar was near the castle which I shot with my phone from a nearby bridge.

Carlisle castle

The weather wasn’t bad in Carlisle but by the time that we had got home for a late lunch, the clouds were thickening up and the light had gone.  I wasted a few minutes trying to take pictures…

blue tit
A blue tit stood very still for this effort.

…but it wasn’t worthwhile.  I had to refill the seed feeder and I have decided to sprinkle the few seeds left at the bottom of the feeder on the lawn each time that I refill it.  This draws in chaffinches quite quickly.

chaffinches on lawn

I am hoping that by judiciously scattering the seeds in a different place each time, I will have got the whole lawn fertilised with bird droppings by spring.  Whether this will happen and whether, if it does happen, it will be a good thing, only time will tell.

I had to put the camera down not only because of the poor light but because the AGM of the Archive Group was due to be held in my front room later in the afternoon.  This entailed writing a chairman’s report for the year, photocopying the accounts and finding the minutes of last year’s meeting. 

All this had been accomplished with time in hand when Mrs Tootlepedal appeared.  She felt that although I had tidied the room up quite a bit, there was still something lacking in the cleaning department.  A human whirlwind then swept through the room and in no time at all, the cleaning and polishing had been done.  My role in this was was of high quality but largely supervisory.

The Archive Group meeting was well attended and the business was dispatched without undue delay.  We are a charity so we have to behave properly in these matters.  In the good old days the AGM used to take three minutes but now it stretches out a bit longer.

There was just time for tea after the meeting and then we jumped into the car, taking my cello playing friend Mike with us, and set off for Waterbeck where we were going to have a practice for this Friday’s choir  concert in the church there.  The forecast had been for very bad weather at this point in the day but it was dry as we drove across.  Because the local school was using the church for a nativity performance, we had to wait to get in but fortunately one of our choir members lives in the village and she entertained us with cakes, mince pies and refreshments while we waited.

The rain was raining and the wind was howling as we walked to the church but by  the time we came out again, the storm had passed and our drive home was calm and uneventful.

The church has a nice acoustic and although we are spread rather widely and thinly across a narrow stage, the choir should sound all right on the night.  I am hoping to have some very brief record of our singing to post at the weekend.

I did manage to take one gloomy picture of a flying chaffinch.

flying chaffinch



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  1. While the idea of spreading the bird droppings around the lawn sounds good, I have the feeling that you’ll have many types of unwanted plant life sprouting in your lawn next spring.

  2. I loved the description of Mrs T. as a ‘human whirlwind’. Pleased that blood test and eye examination went well and all the best for your forthcoming concert at Waterbeck.

  3. Glad to hear there is no serious problem with your eye, and that the choir rehearsal went well.

  4. Tom, I’m glad your eyes only need washing and hydrating and that nothing serious is going on with them. Your plan may work! I have the greenest “lawn” on the block thanks to my geese being stationed there in winter. 😉

  5. Good luck on missing the worst of the storm. I’m glad the eye problem was t anything to worry about too. As for the grass/bird droppings idea, I should think that would work quite well. If I tried it I’m pretty sure Fluffy the cat would snap up the birds almost as fast as they snap up the seed though.

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