Post early for Christmas

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by her mother, shows Maisie enjoying a healthy breakfast.

maisie at breakfast

I am posting this early in the day to avoid the evening internet slowdown.   While Maisie has just enjoyed mid summer day in New Zealand, we have had another miserable, wet and windy day here.  As far as cycling goes, I have lost the will to live in this weather.  As Dropscone said when he came round for coffee this morning, perhaps it is better just to wipe December from the mind and look forward to a sparkling new year in January.  We can always dream.

Once again, it was too gloomy to get the camera out….

wet feeder

…though I did try a shot or two.  The birds seemed quite cheerful.

busy feeder in rain

Mrs Tootlepedal’s grouting is finished….

bathroom tiles

…and regular readers will notice that she has made good use of five left over tiles from the cooker tiling.  I count myself very lucky to live with someone to whom DIY is second nature.

It stopped raining after lunch and I strolled up to the High Street to do a little Christmas shopping.   The river was rising steadily but it was not as high as I thought it might be considering how much it has rained recently.

The meeting of the waters
The meeting of the Esk and the Ewes

The rivers look surprisingly calm in this view from the town bridge and this is because the bridge itself acts as a dam….

Langholm Bridge

…with the water level a lot higher upstream than down.

Two of my sisters and my stepmother are coming to visit us tomorrow and we are keeping our fingers crossed that their train will be able to run on schedule in spite of dire warnings of travel disruption owing to gales and floods.

I realised on looking over my pictures that I had missed a fine fungus shot from my sunny walk yesterday so in the absence of anything bright today, here it is.

tree stump with fungus
A fine collection of moss, fungus and lichen

The counterpoint to that was this picture which was a true reflection of the weather.


The attempt at a flying bird was pointless.

flying birds


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12 thoughts on “Post early for Christmas

  1. I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything that Mrs. Tootlepedal can’t do. She’s amazing! Seeing that river so full is a little scary-I hope the rain lets up soon. I love the shot of the stump. It has quite a few puffballs on it, along with the mosses and lichens. I hope you and all of the people I’ve come to “know” through your blog will have a very merry Christmas.

  2. Mrs T’s tiling is brilliant! I tried tiling once and it was a disaster. We had gales yesterday and last night. I thought our roof was coming off but the only casualty was next door’s fence and a wall down the road. I hope the trains run on time tomorrow 🙂

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