A full day

Today’s guest picture is a seasonal one sent to me by Gavin and taken on Beaver Mountain in the USA by his son or daughter-in-law who are skiing there.

beaver mountain

We had a wonderful Christmas day with wall to wall sunshine and a much reduced wind.  Inside the house all was good as well with Mrs Tootlepedal cooking up a feast and everyone joining in the eating of it with gusto.

The presents which we received and gave turned out to be exactly what everyone had wanted and not a cross word was spoken all day.

Mrs Tootlepedal and my sisters went off to church where they enjoyed the service and Pat and I went up to the Moorland bird feeders to check that they were filled.  In spite of the sunshine, the light was not good as the sun was shining straight towards our screen so we only sat long enough for me to take a perching chaffinch…

perching chaffinch
Mrs Tootlepedal and my sister Susan prefer perching to flying birds.

…and a woodpecker who had not discouraged an approaching chaffinch.


I went down to the Kilngreen on my way home to see if I could wish the heron a happy Christmas.  The heron wasn’t there.  Pat walked home from there to work up an appetite for the feast.  When my sisters got home from church, I went for a quick walk with my sister Mary for the same purpose.

As we passed Pool Corner, we saw a heron.

My sister Susan says that I can put as many heron pictures on the blog as I like.

The heron saw us….

heron flying

…and floated off leaving Pool Corner looking peaceful in the morning sun.

pool corner

Our walk was brisk and uneventful, though I did find a moment to admire some lichen…

lichen forest

…and some colourful turkey tail fungus….


…and have a brief word with the Young Riders Group’s pony.

Young Riders' pony

We walked along Gaskell’s Walk and then down to the start of the Murtholm fields before walking back along the path beside the river Esk.  This is subject to trees falling down the bank above it and landslips blocking the path from time to time.  There were no freshly fallen trees today and only a very small landslip…

Easton's walk

…so we passed by safely.

The church was looking more midsummer than midwinter as we went through the park.

church at Christmas

And I took a special picture of the source of Christmas bells.

bell tower

Our lunch was everything a Christmas lunch should be.  Afterwards, Mary and I not wanting to waste a rare day of sunshine, nipped out for another short walk but by this time the light was too low for photographs.

The afternoon was spent opening presents, doing jigsaws and battling with an enormous holiday crossword (and just sitting down and groaning gently from time to time).

In the evening we settled round the kitchen table for a game of cards where I put up with characteristically bad luck uncomplainingly (almost) while my sister Susan was narrowly triumphant.   It’s not for nothing that the game is called Oh Hell.

We are promised another reasonable day tomorrow before the gales return so we hope to make good use of it.

The flying bird of the day was that heron.

heron flying

I would like to finish in time honoured way by wishing a Happy Christmas to all my readers.  Thank you for taking time to read these ramblings and thank you in particular to the regular band of commentators whose input always brightens my day.





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21 thoughts on “A full day

  1. Wonderfully framed pictures add a touch of class to the blog today especially as I have been shown how it is done. Thanks are due to you and Mrs Tootlepedal for an absolutely splendid day.

  2. Fab fungi photos, love the herons too …and so good to see the sun! 🙂
    Your family day sounds just grand. We had a lovely quiet family day too …and enjoyed the sun! So far there’s been 260mm of precipitation in December so, did I mention the sunshine today?!

      1. Five inches in the last few days, and looking at the Observatory figures on Ogimet, 260mm (or ten inches in our money) so far in December …that’s if I hit the right buttons on the calculator! Now, Boxing Day evening, it’s really starting to blow a hoolie, and rain some more. 😦

  3. The landscapes are beautiful as always. I like the stone wall beside the river. The shots of the heron are excellent, and the lichens and fungi as well. I think, because their surfaces are so granular, that the lichens are mealy pixie cups (Cladonia chlorophaea.) That’s a good closeup with good lighting that shows the granularity well.

  4. Nice that Susan got up there to have Christmas with you.

    Thanks for the beautifully coloured fungi, the herons, and the pony chin whiskers.

    I like the wooden picture frame.

  5. And a Happy Christmas to you all too. Nice to get glimpses of your Christmas Day. We benefited from trad Christmas meal at Richard and Jill’s despite haitstorm on arrival and their electricity having been off since Monday.

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