Making the most of it

Today’s guest picture is part of a photograph which was sent to me by my younger son who went for a walk in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh today.  He was looking north from the lower slopes of Arthur’s Seat past the football stadium of Hibernian Football Club, over the Firth of Forth and on towards the hills of Fife beyond.

edinburgh view

We didn’t have quite such a lovely day here as he did but it was nice enough to send  one of my sisters up to the High Street window shopping while Mrs Tootlepedal took our two other guests out for a walk.  I took the opportunity to sneak out on my bike for a gentle twenty mile pedal to Waterbeck and back.

I took Pocketcam with me but didn’t take any pictures with it because it inconsiderately started to rain just when I was at the highest point of the outward journey and didn’t stop until I was nearly at the same point on the return trip. I was well wrapped up though so it didn’t bother me as a cyclist.    Luckily the walkers had been in a sheltering wood while it rained on them.

Once home, we settled down to peaceful, indoor pursuits and eating up the remains of the feast.  The food was just as tasty as it had been yesterday but there is quite some way to go before we will have finished it all off.

The peaceful indoor occupations included my oldest sister busy at some needlework….


and Mrs Tootlepedal and Pat poring over the hardest jigsaw puzzle that I have ever seen.

jigsaw puzzlers
It has certainly got all their attention.

My indoor pursuit was bird watching as usual.

perching chaffinch
I am trying to include a perching chaffinch each day while my sister Susan is here.

chaffinch and siskin

Being  restless, my sister Mary and I went out for another walk after lunch in the rapidly fading light.  It was quite chilly so I put on the traditional  woolly hat that my daughter gave to me for Christmas….

woolly hat
It’s lucky that I have long arms.

…and off we went.

Our route took us over the two pedestrian bridges across the Esk.

Duchess Bridge Jubillee Bridge
The one on the left built in 1813 and the one on the right in 2002

We saw a red squirrel scampering across the road at the Lodge which was a treat but it was far too quick for Pocketcam.  Luckily, some trees were a bit less skittish.

Pheasant hatchery tree
A tree of definite inclination

Mossy tree  by school
It would be hard for a tree to have more moss on it than this one.

The rest of the day passed in conversation, embroidery, jigsaw work and more eating.  It was rounded off by another game of cards where I enjoyed uncharacteristic good luck which made me more than usually cheerful.

The forecast for tomorrow is for continuous rain and high winds so peaceful indoor pursuits will be the order of the day.

A ‘noisy’ goldfinch is the flying bird of the day.





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32 thoughts on “Making the most of it

  1. A rare self-portrait. Very nice!

    On another topic, I noted with interest the 25th anniversary of the Pan Am 103 bombing occurred last week. I imagine that was quite an eventful day, even for Langholm. Did you consider a visit to the memorial service?

    1. We didn’t think of going. The people of Lockerbie, while maintaining strong contacts with Syracuse, don’t on the whole want to be bothered by people asking asking them about the crash, an attitude that we respect. We viewed the service as private to the people involved. I wouldn’t like you to think that I don’t care about the people who died. I do and they are indelibly linked in my mind with the victims of Flight IR655 from the same year.

      1. Thank you for your candor and excuse me if I was prying. I don’t ascribe any indifference to your decision and your reply was thought-provoking, as usual.

      2. I certainly don’t think you were prying and I hope that my reply didn’t make it look as though I did. The whole judicial process that followed the disaster was a farce and left an ugly stain on Scottish justice, though everyone was under enormous pressure from those with other motives than getting at the truth so it is a hard subject to talk about.

        I was playing carols in the high street in Langholm as a member of the Town Band when the explosion happened and the countryside immediately around us was littered with debris when we woke up the next morning so it is not something I am likely to forget.

  2. Your daughter has excellent taste in hats! The jigsaw puzzle pic made me realize I haven’t worked one in awhile myself, which is annoying because I always did enjoy them. Glad you’re able to get out on your bike without such fear of cars zooming by as we have over here. ~SueBee

    1. I am not a great card player. In fact the only games we ever play are these occasional family games of Oh Hell round the kitchen table and the chief point of these is to see who can laugh the most. I laughed so much last night that my ribs hurt.

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