Anyone here called Noah?

Today’s guest picture comes from my younger son and shows a mixture of the old and new in Boston, which he visited last year.


Another miserable, wet and windy day greeted us when we woke up.  If Mrs Tootlepedal hadn’t been going off to sing in the church choir, we might well have tucked the downy back over our heads and retired from the world.

As it was we were all action and Mrs Tootlepedal prepared a lamb tagine for the slow cooker while I cooked the breakfast.  Once she had gone to church, I started of a sourdough loaf and then did a little bird staring.

brambling in the rain
A brambling waiting patiently in the rain.

It seemed to be a good day to some cooking so I made a pan of squash and carrot soup for my lunch and then looked out of the window while it was simmering.

The rain had stopped for a while.




As well as the birds, the many bunches of snowdrops beyond the still flowering wallflowers caught my eye.

snowdrop and wallflower
Never before seen at the same time and in January

The chaffinches were no more polite to each other than usual.


After a while, there was even a hint of blue sky so I nipped out to see whether the rivers had risen enough to make an exciting picture.  They hadn’t so I walked along the wall by the park looking for lichens.  I was spoilt for choice.  I liked the clear outlines of these two.


I don’t know what the name of this one is.

I think I might know what the next one is.  I took a close up and a longer shot.

Cladonia digitata,
Cladonia digitata?

Cladonia digitata,

I took this picture just before I got home.  It might look at first sight to be more lichens….


…but in fact it is snowdrops beside the dame.


I don’t have time to walk further because Mrs Tootlepedal and I were going to the choir in Carlisle.  We called in to pick up Jenny and arrived in good time.  They were pleased to see another new member and I introduced Mrs Tootlepedal to one of the sopranos and left her and went back to join the tenors.  We had an excellent session, complete with a mind boggling attempt to sing and do syncopated hand movements at the same time.  The singing went well but the simultaneously syncopated hand clapping was well out of my area of competence.

Since she had come at my insistence, I was hoping that Mrs Tootlepedal would enjoy herself and I was very relieved when I found out that she had.

When we got home, I finished baking the sour dough loaf and Mrs Tootlepedal added the trimmings to the slow cooked lamb and turned out a caramel custard which she had made earlier.  When everything was ready, Sandy appeared by invitation and helped us eat it.  It was an excellent meal and we rounded it off with some of the many cheeses in our cheese box.

In the end then, although it was another miserable day outside, our indoor activities had turned it into a very enjoyable Sunday.

The flying bird of the day, taken in a gloomy moment, is a brambling.





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32 thoughts on “Anyone here called Noah?

  1. Once again a delight, certainly I have had an excellent evening myself, however It is rare to find the mundane? made near perfect …..It is appreciated

  2. I’ve never seen Cladonia digitata but your example looks like those that I’ve seen on line. I’ve never seen the other crustose lichens with dark margins either, but I wonder if they could be relatives of zoned dust lichens (Lepraria neglecta).

  3. Oh I hope you get better weather too! You did a great job capturing the rain and the brambling. I’ve never seen this bird, it’s lovely. You’re also making me hungry.

  4. I do like the photos of the birds in the dreary weather – they seem to stand out even more dramatically. I also made a butternut squash and carrot soup during a snowy day this week! It’s one of my favorites.

      1. They’re a bit like the bacteria I deal with at work in that they just grow and carry on what life they have mostly completely oblivious to us 🙂

  5. What a splendid day, you do so much! Lovely to see the snowdrops and a hint of spring in the winter air. You are becoming very knowledgable on the subject of fungi too.

  6. The weather is terrible just now. Outdoors is not much fun so spending it with my friends on indoor pursuits such as karaoke, museums etc. Rather be outside.

    The bird photos are very good. Roll on summer!

  7. Loved the snowdrops! I’ve yet to see any here, maybe it’s too warm. We had a more or less dry day here today but I managed to still get wet thanks to a car and a puddle.

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