Very boring post

Today’s guest picture from Jennie in NZ shows an artichoke flower.  I have never seen one before.


It was another gloomy day today.  Dropscone had a visit to the dump at Annan in mind so we arranged to meet for coffee on his return.  While waiting for him, I cycled up to the High Street to do a bit of business and because I can’t resist a round number, I stretched the return out to make it two miles and this brought my monthly mileage to exactly 400.

That was my excitement for the day as Dropscone rang up to say that his car had broken down in Annan so coffee was off.  The forecast was for heavy rain and I spent the morning waiting for it to rain until just when I had decided that it wasn’t going to rain after all, it started.

I looked through the window just for the sake of it.

perching chaffinch
Before the rain:  the camera makes it look much brighter than it actually was.
After the rain had started.
Nice landing judgement

During the morning, we were visited by an man who is going to try to help us do something about our damp end wall.  He had a damp meter and when he tested the wall behind the fireplace it registered 45%.   He seemed to think that this was quite damp.  Still, he has some ideas.   Six months of warm dry weather would help a lot.

After the rain started, I spent the rest of the day idling about, playing my flute and practising choir songs and fiddling around with the photo editor.  I tinkered with a duck for fun..

It started like this
Got centred
Got masked and filtered a bit
And then I got carried away

In the evening, we are going to the Gilnockie Burns supper because Mrs Tootlepedal won two free tickets when we were there last year.   It tends to last late into the night so I am posting this early before we go.

The flying bird of the day was keeping its head down just like me.

flying chaffinch






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33 thoughts on “Very boring post

  1. The duck photo was great to start with so I assume you were indeed pretty bored. Enjoy your Burns Nicht 😀

      1. Haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard it’s a bit complicated and takes some getting used to. Cheers Tootle.

      2. It has some very subtle controls compared with the cheap program that I used to use (quite happily I might say) for many years.

      3. I’ve been a bi reticent to try it but maybe sometime I’ll give it a go. Thanks Tootle.

    1. I liked it but the judge thought that the beak was too close to the edge of the frame which was what got me started on playing around with it.

  2. I was amazed at what you were able to do with the photo of the duck, and even though the last photo is a bit over the top, it isn’t unpleasant. I may have to rethink my never edit nature photos attitude.

    1. It is when you look at competition photographer’s work that you realise just how much oomph you can put into a picture. I don’t always like these sorts of pictures myself but I would like to be able to do it and do it well. More homework needed.

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